Status of the Legion

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Game Description

Hail Nalzen and read through Advanced Diplomacy Tutorial: Statements.

Then, hail Nalzen and choose the parley option entitled Statements.

Follow Nalzen's instructions and learn how to use statements in a parley.

  • Statements Part One
  • Statements Part Two


You will be given the following 4 cards upon accepting the quest for use during the Parleys:

Quest Offering

Nalzen says, "Hathor Zhi is home to more than just soldiers. Many seek training here in the ways of diplomacy, crafting, and harvesting."

"But the purpose of Hathor Zhi remains the same. It serves to house the lefion that mans Hathor's Sentinel. Inquiries have arisen regarding what strength remains in the blood of the legion, of it has grown cold in the hearts of the idle soldiers."

"You must speak with Priori Erkyn at the fortress outside of Hathor Zhi and determine the legion's strength."


Incite Priori Erkyn into action. Incite Priori Erkyn at the fortress outside Hathor Zhi to determine whether the legion remains strong enough to defend the city.


Priori Erkyn

You say, "Deputy Associate Minister Nalzen Hun'tlar has sent me."

Priori Erkyn smiles. "What? No assassins? I'm insulted."

You say, "Pleasantries aside, Nalzen has requested that you report to him the readiness of the legion."

Priori Erkyn sneers, "And what makes you think I care what Nalzen wants? I do not take orders from a Deputy Associate Minister."

You casually mention. "It was insinuated that the blood of the legion may have grown weak with its idleness."

Priori Erkyn laughs, asking, "Do you imagine that if I were to cut out your heart and send it back to Nalzen, that he would have his answer?"

You say, "The strength of your blood is not in question, Priori, but rather the strength of your men. Why not call one of them over and order the deed done?"

Priori Erkyn says, "You are cunning, diplomat, but that course of action would merely earn me the stigma that I murder messengers and the inquiries would continue. I see no point."

You say, "Then you hesitate because the legion is not ready for war."

Priori Erkyn holds your gaze for some time before speaking. "Perhaps we can deal."


Priori Erkyn says, "Careful who you tell of your allegiance to Nalzen. He has many opponents that dare not move against him directly, but may find you a target worth eliminating."


Priori Erkyn smirks. "Since your time here may be 'limited', I have a proposition. Assist me and not only will you be able to return swiftly to the safety granted by Nalzen's proximity, but others may think you are my ally. There are few who would dare to tempt my wrath, though you may yet serve in another capacity by drawing out enemies of mine either foolish of powerful."


upon completion you receive the following item