Story of the Prime Warden

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Soleq Su'Baht

Soleq Su'Baht is a non aggressive NPC on the heights of Nusibe Necropolis. if you talk to him, you wil learn his story.


The fearsome beast speaks calmly, "You do not flee before me. Curious"'

  • "Who are you ?"

The creature chuckles, "Tehatemani lap dogs and Lucent Circle beggars know well enough to fear me, and I shall take no further part in the Pharao's charades. You can tell Nusibe that I will only speak to him if he continues to torment me further."

  • "I am not with any of those groups, and I am certainly not with Pharaoh Nusibe."

The creature seems surprised, "No ?"

With a cat-like curiousity he questions, "What does an otsider such as you want with me then ?"

  • "I merely wanted to know who or what you are ?"

"I am he pharaoh's slave," says the creature, seething with disdain.

"Destined to inhabit this fearsome vessel and serve Pharaoh Nusibe. So long as his soul remains in this world, I too am forced here to remain."

  • "Inhabit this body ? You mean you were not always as you appear now ?"

"No, mortal." Begins the creature. "I was once only Soleq Su'Baht, a devout and pure man, loyal to my empire and servant of the gods. Because of my people's highest honor; to become the Prime Warden, protector of the empire and the royal blood line."

He explains, "My soul was bound within this vessel, my service to last for one-hundred years, after which my soul would be release to the blessed afterlife and the next Prime Warden chosen."

  • "But you remain here. What happened ?"

I accepted the honor without hesitation, of course," says Soleq. "Service to the people is tantamount to serving the gods."

Why I am here, I do not know," he says angrily. "I thought that my service had ended with Nusibe's death; I ascended to the blessed halls while Nusibe was cast into the abyss. But now Nusibe has returned to this world, and so too have I. Somehow Nusibe ripped me from the golden halls of paradise and enslaved me to his power."

  • "Nusibe was cast to the abyss ? Why?"

Soleq growls, "Nusibe was a troubled boy given the responsability of an empire. I did what I could to guide him along a path of righteousness, but he ever seemed to embrace the shadowed path of evil. He used me as a hammer to force the people into submission. At this command I was transformed into a beast of carnage and mayhem, terrorizing the very people I was sworn to protect."

It was during one such attack that the assassins struck and slew Nusibe while I was away on an errand of death," says Soleq.

  • "I see. And now Nusibe is back and you are his agent of death once more. What happened ?"

Soleq sighs heavily, "I do not know for sure, but I know that Nusibe had this all planned."

"I have begged to be released from this heinous enslavement, but Nusibe only laughs, mocking me for being a devoted fool to agree to ritual enslavement,' he says. "Nusibe has made it clear that I shall remain his slave for eternity. As long as his soul remains here, so too shall mine."

"With the Xakrin artifact in Nusibe's possession, I fear that he is right."

  • "How can I destroy the Pharaoh ?"

Soleq looks sad, "Nusibe's sanctum is what we guard and not even I know how to access it. Even if you find a way to open the portal, I am his guardian and would be compelled to stop you. If you see to destroy Nusibe, then you will undoubtedly have to slay me first."

"But even if you do destroy me," adds Soleq, "I do not know how you can destroy Nusibe. With the artifact in his possession his soul cannot leave this realm, and neither can mine. The artifact will resurrect him and with him, I will return."

  • "Do not worry, Soleq. There is bound to be a way to defeat Nusibe, and I shall find it."

He replies, "Nusibe is playing a great game with the seekers of the artifact. Both Xakrin and the Tehatamani are searching for it and Nusibe is manipulating both sides to prolong the war and strife. Meanwhile, the Lucent Circle is busy sending adventurers such as yourself off to uncover useless trinkets that will bring them no closer to the artifact either."

"While his machinations entangle everyone, Nusibe secretely consolidates his power."

  • "Consolidates his power ? What does Nusibe plan to do ?"

"He plans to reclaim the empire that was stolen from him with his untimely death," he explains calmly.

"Nusibe is a madman bent on conquest and domination. Once his power is consolidated who knows what he will do or who he will lash out at and destroy."

  • "What do you mean ?"