Surgical Strike

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Quest Giver

Sergeant in Library Wing (APW), right after Varimurus the Subjugator.

Quest Text

The sergeant whispers, "The undead have taken over the zeppelin room. They've got an entire crew, a living crew, of what looks like sailors working on the zeppelin. We've also noticed that they're relying heavily on some individuals we've labeled victors and scholars."
You take out the undead victors and scholars and then the sailors and you will cripple their efforts. Once you've finished, return to the Sanctuary and report to Professor Telpon."
He asks: "What do you say ? Are you up for it ?"

Quest Objectives

  • Cartheon Victors destroyed (0/10)
  • Cartheon Scholars (0/10)
  • Sky Pirates slain (0/30)

Engage and slay the listed enemies in the Ancient Port Warehouse Library and Zeppelin Hangar.

Report your success back to Professor Telpon in Sanctuary when the mission is complete.

Quest Rewards

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