Take me to the Races

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Take me to the Races is the seventh step of the Griffon Quest.

Quest text

Quest Giver

2nd Talon Cassius Bladesong in New Targonor.


Finishing the sixth step of the griffon quest.


Confront SANO, the leader of the Umbral Syndicate.



Once you've handed in the griffon harness to the 3rd_Talon_Hassan_Quim, go back to the 2nd Talon Cassius Bladesong and you get this mission.

In order to be ready for this step, make sure your visual effects are set to 100% environemental particles and 100% NPC particle effects. This will help a lot in the following. Having a good framerate is also mandatory.

Ground Race

Head East of New Targonor to the cliff side where Matoko Hikkaru is. Talk to her and she'll give you a land griffon. Mount up and talk to her again to accept the mission. If you abandon the mission, you have to go back to the 2nd Talon Cassius Bladesong so if you fail, just wait for aroud 3 minutes and talk to her again.

You cannot be in a group for this quest and the encounters are locked so you can't have someone waiting at the sidelines to help you.

The aim of the game is to pass as quickly as you can through the two red glowing lights making them go blue. Now make sure your distance viewing is maxed out.

After about 4 waypoints, a mob will spawn who has both stun and slow so you have to dismount, kill him, remount and carry on with the race. There will be several mobs appearing during the race, after the third single mob, 2 mobs will spawn and then 3 and near the finish line, 4 will spawn.

Once you cross the finish line, go talk to the Matoko Hikkaru at the finishing line, otherwise, you'll have to do it all over again.

Flight Race

Once you finish the ground race, go talk to Utada Kusanagi, she is close to Matoko Hikkaru, on the cliff side.

Talk to her, get a griffon, accept the quest and fly off the quest. The goal is to pass through pairs of fire halos. They spiral down to around a rock pit, and down to a cliff side where Wendy Weimann is waiting for you.

Confront SANO

This is the final part of the mission and the more difficult one. You get to talk to Sano, he will taunt you, then teaches you what to do to take him out.

The aim of this game is straight forward. There will be 5 hovering balls in the air around the platform where Sano stands, all at different heights. Once you've accepted the challenge, fly as quickly as possible behind the one that moves quickly up and down (like the necromancer's corruption orb). being behind this ball will protect you from Sano's spell, and will reflect it, hurting him. Stay behinf the sphere as long as the spell isn't reflected. But once it's done, be ready to move quickly.

A few seconds after the spell being reflected, one of the other balls will quickly move up and down. Repeat the same actions. If you fail to protect yourself, you'll be hit by the spell. After 7 times, you'll die (whatever your hitpoints and buffs). If you go outside the rocks spikes circle where Sano stands, you'll fail (which will be the best option if your're being struck too much).

When Sano dies, move quickly to him, a chest will appear. Loot it and go back to the 2nd Talon Cassius Bladesong.

This is a very frustrating event, as the computer you run Vanguard with must be very efficient. The particles must be activated so you can see the spheres effectively, that will put a lot of weight on your computer capacity. It sometimes happens that the quest bugs (not allowing you to fly, no sphere moves, you die too quickly, etc...). In these cases, just go back to the cliff NPC and start over this last part (no need to do the first two races again).

SPOILER: If you want to know exactly the order of the orbs you need to fly to and wait for the spell to be countered, click here.