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This diplomacy main page and nearly all subpages were originally created at VGTact.

After that great page went offline, there were only a few backups left.

The infos for this wiki were collected from:

All Player cards

Not sure how/where to embed the file... I've made an XLS with all (or at least most) of the player-attainable cards back when the real VGtact was still alive. Just in case anyone needs this for a completionist check-off list:

We have a list with the cards here: Diplomacy Cards can also see which cards are not included by now. (working links are blue, missing links are red)
As example on how to add a card, just click on a missing link you, create the page and add card infos like the one here:
The images can either be saved and uploaded from vgtact or left black if no image is available atm.
I hope that helped,
Gabbo 17:50, 4 June 2012 (CEST)