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Tanvu Overview
Chunk Tanvu.png Chunk: Tanvu
Continent: Kojan
North Chunk: Shang Village
West Chunk: Kojan Depths (-20,6)
South Chunk: Tanvu Bay
East Chunk: Magi Hold
Closest Riftway: Tanvu
Detailed Graphic: click here


The imperial town of Tanvu sits on several steppes that rise above the harbour in the northern Fivefold Plains. Large stone walls house the city's guild halls, religious centre and palace, while the residential buildings fan out across the steppes in all directions. The celestial hills shoot straight out of the ground rising hundreds of meters before ending in a flat plateau on top. Tanvu exists as a feudal town supported by fishing and textile exports and is the starting town for Kojani and Half Elves.

Strange portals have been cropping up near the harbour recently and the emperor ordered the craftsman and sages to erect magical totems to provide protection. Long have the ulvari fiends harassed the peoples of Kojan, and their attacks grow stronger with each season. As a player in Tanvu you must endeavor to deal with their fiendish presence and find the origin of their existence.

To the south you will find the forest home of the elves and their new guests, the raki. The motives of these strange tree dwellers may be suspect at times, but the beauty of their lands is, without question, a sight to behold. While the empires of this land will rise and fall, the spirit of the people of Kojan always stands tall.


Known NPCs

Quest NPC Vendor Boss
Spellbreaker Tauko
Master Uiza-do Kahn
Titan Projection