Tehatamani Empire

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Tehatamani Empire v2.png

The Tehatamani Empire is a wide open-area dungeon, including three chunks and has a level range from 45-55.

The main questline starts at the Lucent Outpost in Tehatamani Harbor and leads you to Temple of Tehatamani, Abammisi Lake and Nusibe Necropolis Dungeon.


  • Amenjet Nananmami - Lucent Circle
  • Bek Athra - Lucent Circle Outfitter
  • Djhersen Alanquaber - Lucent Circle
  • Duat Shoth - Lucent Circle Outfitter
  • Garaz Mordi - Justice Coordinator
  • Hekenmut Takenaber - Lucent Circle Recruiter
  • Hekherpi Niawanas - Lucent Circle
  • Huajehat Damatnas - Lucent Circle
  • Irenirdas Mahebshta - Lucent Circle Recruiter
  • Jara Bense - Apprentice Coordinator
  • Kashmin Sematshta - Lucent Circle
  • Kembe Lan - Acolyte Coordinator
  • Khrath Shulab - Elite Lucent Circle Outfitter
  • Kurhebi Amaapujeh - Lucent Circle
  • Kwamab Aran - Templar Coordinator
  • Lorekeeper Qalake - Lorekeeper of the Lucent Circle
  • Malanerdas Nitasmani - Lucent Circle
  • Qenawa Slidjetaaye - Lucent Circle
  • Sadantel Seniaqo - High Justice of the Lucent Circle
  • Sedii - Warrior Coordinator
  • Senymin Weashaber - Lucent Circle
  • Shabaqen Haashqo - High Justice of the Lucent Circle
  • Shatasen Ankamashta - Lucent Circle
  • Shepatnas Seurvmas - General Goods Vendor
  • Silko Guikosha - High Justice of the Lucent Circle
  • Yeswitmu Shaurutaker - Lucent Circle
  • Zatmala Sekashta - Lucent Circle Recruiter


Main Questline

To get the quests and to get updates while doing them, you need to wear the Lucent Badge 
(which you get at the end of the Joining the Circle-Quest) or its upgraded version all the time.

Faction Quests

Reward Quests for Lucent Medals

To get those Lucent Medals, you will need to do so called "crypt runs" at the Aromizo-, Ikwazon-, Opudufi- or Umyebum-crypt. Those runs can only be started by characters that have the High Justice Rank.

Opposing Factions

Faction Description

Accomplished thieves, the Tehatamani Empire of southwestern Qalia would be far more dangerous had they not been cursed after stealing an artifact from the Xakrin. The Lucent Circle now keeps the empire from expanding, ensuring their curse does not spread further.


"We face the corrupted Tehatamani Empire, an empire that used to travel through portals and pillage other civilizations for their magical artifacts. A century or more ago they returned from one of their thieving expeditions and whatever they had stolen corrupted them further than they already were."

"The Tehatamani Empire is locked in combat with the Xakrin, the last civilization that the Tehatamani Empire stole from before they became corrupted. The Xakrin are an evil race composed of corrupted statues and stone cats bent on recovering the artifact that corrupted them and the Tehatamani."

--Lorekeeper Qalake, Lorekeeper of the Lucent Circle