The Altar of the Lost

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Altar of the Lost


  • Starting Continent:Thestra
  • Difficulty Rating:Range from Duo to Group
  • Starting Quest NPC:Spires Keep
  • Starting Required Level:32
  • Nearest Riftway:New Targonor

Rewards drop random from Baelthom: Kodisho, Blade of Divine Pain, Glominus, Blade of Pain, Soul Reaver, Blessed Daelus Rod, Blackened Drape, Leggings of the Defiled, Tainted Purifier and more...

Mysterious Shards

Spires Keep Altar Named.jpg

In the world of Telon there are vast mysteries of long forgotten history, leaving behind only footprints of what once was. If you get a sense of satisfaction stumbling upon these mysteries Telon has to offer, maybe it's best for you to not read any futher. But if your heart is beating for a sliver of knowledge, you may have come to the right place. A book was found just west of New Targanor, in an old decapitated house, this was written inside:

It all started on a cloudy morning. I had just left New Targanor and was heading west, as a merchant had told me of some good looking trees I could harvest. The trees were blowing quite harshly in the wind that morning, and I was even questioning whether to come back another day. I made it to a good looking tree and started to chop it down. I started harvesting as many resources as I could, until I heard a sharp scream in the distance, further to the west. The scream pierced the sky, and I immediately went towards it to see if I could find the cause.

Eventually I made it to some old ruins, the purpose of them long forgotten. They were surrounded by undead creatures (around level 30 - 35 2dot), which I commonly come across on my adventures. But this time I noticed that they had a leader of sorts. His name was Corzulec (level 31 3dot) and he was standing inside of the old ruins. I quickly jotted his location on my map and went in to get a closer look. I knew if I could rid the world of this creature, Telon would be better off. The battle was hard fought, the creature was more powerful than he looked, but in the end I rid him of my presence. With a search through what little belongings he had, I found an old Dusty Shard. As I pick up the shard it seemed to fainly glow and get warmer to my touch. I realized right away that it was one of many pieces of an old, forgotten talisman.

When I looked at the shard, it gave me warmth, but with that warmth it must have unknowingly passed on a sense of purpose. I felt obliged to find the rest of the pieces of this talisman. I spent the next 3 days exploring the area, finding more undead ruins and decapitated houses. Each had their own leader, that dropped another piece of the talisman. Below is a chart of all the names and what shard piece they dropped.

Corzulec : lvl 31 3dot Dusty Shard
Aldor : lvl 31 3dot Broken Shard
Kazyx : lvl 33 3dot Crumbling Shard
Obaran : lvl 35 3dot Chipped Shard
Myzith : lvl 33 3dot Darkened Shard

All 5 pieces of the talisman glowed as bright as day in my bag. I had all the pieces and felt closer than ever to the unknown answer I was seeking, but the track went cold and to my dismay nothing I did brought me any closer to the answer.

The Altar of the Lost

Altar of the Lost.jpg

It wasn't until months later, when I was out adventuring with a ranger that we stumbled upon an old altar in the valley below where I found those shards. The altar itself was of crude design, with a skull in the center. A fire burnt in the middle, kept lit by magics from an unknown source. As we approached, the shards, still in my bag, glowed so bright that rays of light illuminated from it. At that same moment a voice pierced within my mind and filled my thoughts. It kept repeating "You... Must.. Find me... Help me...".

I couldn't resist, I picked up all 5 shards and placed them into the forge, lying in front of the Altar. To my surprise the forge melded all 5 pieces into one, making the talisman whole again (Talisman of the Lost). The voice filled my thoughts once again. "So close... I can feel your power. You have done all I have asked and more. Break the seal and I shall reward you! Glorious gifts... Wonderous gifts...".

An overwhelming feeling came over me, I grasped the fully restored talisman in both hands. Glorious gifts it said, wonderous gifts... I couldn't resist it any longer. I cracked open the talisman. Immediately a strange mist broke out of the pieces of the talisman. My hands felt parallelized for a second, but not nearly as parallelizing as what came next.

Above me and my companion spawned a gigantic gargoyle-like creature (level 36 5dot). As big as a house, it towered over us, blocking out the sun. It was as black as night and as cold as death. I felt my soul fading away as his powerful claws attacked me. In my head he spoke "I am Baelthom, Reaper of Lost Souls. You have freed me of my prison, now I shall free you from yours!". He grasped me in his claws and threw me to the ground. Luckily my friend managed to pick me up and run me out of danger. We got on our horses and ran as fast as we could away from the Altar.


I fear that Baelthom is still out there, reaping on poor adventurer's souls. Maybe one day a group of adventurers will find him and rid him from our world. Slay him and maybe what he said will come true, those adventurers might get glorious gifts, wonderous gifts. For now I must rest, as my days of adventuring are soon coming to an end. If you so wish to discover these mysteries yourself, heed my advice, and make sure adventurers are by your side.


This guide was originally posted from Faeran, Gathilas & Manzanillo on VGWalkthroughs