The Chamber of Life

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After killing the God Warriors, you'll be able to access a quest called The Chamber of Life.

Quest text

The motionless sentry before you speaks, "Beyond this barrier is the Chamber of Life. You wish to take the final trial of the Sisters. Before you take this trial, you must first prove to me that you are worthy to enter this sacred chamber as a follower of Chaos."

"Travel to the Vault of Radiance and gather for me the vases of discipline, law & peace. Drink the blood of the ascended historians there and eat the beating hearts of the ascended spellblades."

"I also require the head of Zazeh the Wise. When Zazeh is weakened, you may call upon the Pantheon of Chaos through the black rift stone for assistance."

Quest Giver

Sanctum Guardian.png



Find the Vases of Discipline, Law & Peace in the Vault of Radiance. Slay and drink the blood of 20 Ascended Historians. Eat 20 still beating hearts from the Ascended Spellblades. Obtain the head of Zazeh the Wise. Return to the Sanctum Guardian in the Vault of Shadows when done.

  • Ascended Spellblades Hearts Consumed (0/10)
  • Vase of Discipline
  • Vase of Law
  • Vase of Peace
  • Ascended Historians Blood Consumed (0/10)
  • Head of Zazeh the Wise (0/1)


Access to the Chamber of Life.