The Fallen Lyceum of Ingolas

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Fallen Lyceum of Ingolas
Fallen Lyceum School Building

The Fallen Lyceum of Ingolas

You have seen that floating building, and you have wondered what it was for. You have heard whispers of the Fallen Lyceum, and the mysterious magic that goes on inside. Let us help you through this epic dungeon, and be taken through a magical story, as you help destroy the master of the school.


Part 1 - The Fallen Lyceum Secrets

Choosing Sides

The Fallen Lyceum of Ingolas was once an amazing place of Magical Studies. Built and used by the High Elves of Thestra long ago, it has now been taken over by followers of Kaon, and has become an evil mess of magical beings. In an effort to deal with this chaos, the High Elves have built an outpost and called it Arlinora's Retreat, in hopes that one day they can take back what was once theirs. Soon after a group of human casters, named Sages Arcane, came to the outpost with the desire to study and master the magic that is held within the Lyceum.

This is where, as an adventurer, you begin your quest. Standing close by each other, just inside of Arlinora's Retreat, are 2 people to greet you. Lieutenant Elwyn, part of the High Elves, and Inquisitor Theramir, part of the Sages Arcane. Each person will have a convincing story as to why you should help them, as picking one side will eliminate the option to help the other.

Note: Each side will lead to the same questline. 

Part 2 (A) - Choosing Elwyn

Serrin's Book

NOTE: By accepting Lieutenant Elwyn's quest, Inquisitor Theramir will cease to offer his quest. 

Lieutenant Elwyn will be glad that you have decided to side with her. She immediately tells you about a sorcerer from Targonor that once passed through the Retreat before leaving to go observe the new magic that has possessed the Lyceum. His name was Serrin, and wrote a book about all that he observed. Sadly, he never returned with his book. She avises you to go search for the book near the Sorcery building in the lyceum!

You will find the entrance area of the Lyceum surrounded by huge elementals that are all around level 15 4dot mobs. The first building that you see when you enter the Lyceum is the Sorcery Building (It is number 2 on the Map). The book should be located on the ground, and does indeed look like a book. The book is found in a few different random locations on the northwest side of the building. When you right click it, the book will go into your inventory and disappear off of the ground. If you have more than one person in your group, you will now have to go searching for the book again. It will usually spawn close by in that general location next to the building. Your best bet is to keep running around the perimeter of the northwest part of the building until you see it.

After each member of your group has a book, return to Lieutenant Elwyn, who will be pleased with your progress. (while running back to Arlinora's Retreat you may get attacked by low level kaon entities, you can outrun them with your horse).

Fairy Madness

Lieutenant Elwyn is greatful for the return of Serrin's Notes, and has devised a plan to open a portal to the Kaon Homeworld. Unfortunately, according to Serrin's Notes, she is missing one ingredient, which is located inside of the Fallen Lyceum.

The ingredient you need is actually the innards of the Kaon Elemental Sprites. These sprites are level 15 4dot fairy mobs, and are found inside the Fallen Lyceum, all over the place (The closest fairies to the entrance would be to make a left once you are inside and keep going until you run into the fairies). You will need to kill 12 of them, and bring back 8 of their Innards. Each Innard has an equal chance to drop for each member of your group. After each member in your group has completed this step, head back to Lieutenant Elwyn for the turn-in and the next quest.

Part 2 (B) - Choosing Theramir

The Eye Spy

NOTE: By accepting Inquisitor Theramir's quest, Lieutenant Elwyn will cease to offer her quest. 

Inquisitor Theramir is glad to have you on board and puts you to work right away. His first order of business is to get a preliminary view of the activity going on inside of the Lyceum walls. To do this you will have to use a device called an Eye Spy. The Eye Spy is a magical device that will transmit what they see back to Inquisitor Theramir.

He will mark 3 different locations on your map and you will need to go to each, and right click the Eye Spy, until all three places have been updated on your quest. Each mark will be in the first area of the lyceum. Lots of monsters, including Ice and Fire Elementals, and Fairies will be in your way (remember, each location is marked on your map). You can either fight your way through in order to get to each of the Eye Spy locations, or you can invis in (yes! Invis works).

No matter which way you do it, once you active the Eye Spy in all three locations, bring back the Eye Spy to Inquisitor Theramir for the turn-in, and the next quest.

Fire and Ice Elementals

The Elementals you saw while running through the Lyceum are being summoned by the Students that reside in there. Inquisitor Themanir would like to study them more closely. It will be up to you to bring back 5 Slushy Remains that drop off of the Conjured Iceshards and the Glacial Guardians, and 5 Ember Stack which drop off of Conjured Lavashards and Molten Guardians. He will also advise you to kill 8 Ice and 8 Fire Elementals as well for good measure.

All the elementals are going to be level 15 4dot mobs, and will take a while to kill each, unless you have a few adventurers to back you up. Each Slushy Remains, and Ember Stack has an equal chance to drop off of the mobs for each member of the group, and they are a fairly common drop. The entrance mobs to the Lyceum will update your quest, so you won't have to go far into the Lyceum at all in order to get your quest updates.

Once you have finished your task, head back to Inquisitor Themanir who will be able to finally tell you about his special plan!

Part 3 - The Kaon Portal

Opening the Portal

By this time, no matter which faction you chose to go with, you will end up with the same goal. Lieutenant Elwyn, and Inquisitor Theramir will both instruct you to open up a portal that will take you to the Kaon's homeworld. To do this, you will use an item that was made for you, using the ingredients you collected in the last quest. This item is to be poured onto a special phase stone, that resides just outside of the lyceum (number 7 on the Map). This will open up a portal, in the hopes that it will teleport you to the Kaon's homeworld.

So, make your way to the Phase Stone and right click it. Shortly after you will notice a bright, shiny, red portal open up above your head. Walk up to it and right click it.

Ashby the Cat

So, you are now standing on a rock, that is flying way above the ground. Good job! You are now stranded in the sky. Although, with a closer inspection of the rock, you will notice a strange looking black cat also on the rock with you.

If you talk to the cat, he will tell you a long story, but to sum it all up, he will inform you that he has been sent here by his master to help you out with a common enemy, Ghaldrid. If you choose to follow him, he will send you back into the Lyceum where he will help you on your journey to destroy Ghaldrid, the man leading this Kaon insanity. Ghaldrid resides in the Oculus, which is the flying building that you see floating in the air. In order to get to him, you will have to kill his 3 headmasters that reside in the Oculus as well. Each headmaster holds a part of the key that will unlock Ghaldrid's chambers.

Agree to help him and let Ashby teleport you back to the Lyceum. Upon arrival in the Lyceum, you will notice that Ashby has teleported with you and is sitting on a small stand right next to you.

Here is where he will inform you about 3 students that wish to help you out in your journey to get rid of Ghaldrid. Their names are Lefanen, Eranir, and Inzia, and all reside somewhere inside the Lyceum. Luckily for you, Ashby has agreed to teleport you to each student. All you have to do is talk to him and he will give you the options to teleport to any of the students.

Part 4 - Students of Kaon

Lefanen - Sticks and Stones

After listening to what Lefanen has to say, you will be appointed a quest to collect a small piece of a Kaon Fae Stone, and a Faidarran Guardian Seed. Each with magical properties that will help you in your fight against the headmaster.

The Kaon Stone can be found near rocks that reside in the front area of the building you are standing on. It is a ground spawn that looks like a tiny tablet. I personally found the stone near Ashby (which can be viewed by my picture). From what I saw, only one stone can be up at a time, but once you loot the stone, another one appears in another spot in the front area of that building. So if you have multiple people doing this step, you will each need to collect a stone.

The Faidaaran Guardian Seed drops off of Faidaaran Guardians, which are huge treeants that roam the front of the building. They are level 16 4dot mobs and are very hard to miss (yes, they are huge!). The drop is fairly rare, and may take a bit before everybody on your group has one.

Once each member of your group has a Seed and a Stone, make you way back to Ashby and have him teleport you back to Lefanen for the turn in.

Lefanen - Hoops

With the Seed and Stone that you brought Lefanen, she will need to make two earrings out of them. However, her hoops were lent out to a studen named Tyrnal, and she never returned them! Now she denies even borrowing the hoops in the first place.

In order to get Tyrnal to give you the hoops, you will have to prove to her that you mean business! How? you ask. By killing 10 students inside of the building that you are standing on, of course! You will not only have to kill the 10 students, but you will also need to chop off their heads and make a nice stack of all 10 of them! Each student will be around level 16 4dot, and with a good group, shouldn't take you that long to pick up all ten.

Now with each member of your group having the 10 heads, head to Tyrnal (number 5 on the map), and show her the heads! She will be utterly disgusted and will admit that she has the hoops right away. They are just inside of the chest that sits by the front door of her house. Take the hoops and head back to Ashby and make him teleport you back to Lefanen for the final turn-in.

Eranir - Soultrap Scroll

So you have teleported to Eranir, via Ashby's teleportation services and talked with Eranir. He will inform you that you need something called the Soultrap Scroll which is somewhere hidden inside of the building that you are standing on. Venturing inside the building will be tough, as there are many students, level 15 4dot, that will be waiting to kill you, while you search.

The scroll is a ground spawn and appears randomly throughout the whole building. Once you loot the scroll once, it despawns and reappears in another place inside the building. So if you have multiple people doing this quest with you, you will have to kill through the building a lot in order to find everyone a scroll.

TIP: For some known locations of where the Soultrap Scroll can spawn, check out our School Building Layout Map.

Once each member of your group has a Soultrap Scroll, head back to Ashby, who will teleport you back to Eranir for the turn-in.

Eranir - A Fake!

Well, it appears that the Soultrap Scroll that you brought back to Eranir was a fake! All that work for nothing! Although, now come to think of it, Eranir remembers an outsider that visited the school for some time. One day he just disappeared leaving nothing but his notebook. The notebook was picked up by someone from the nearby Elven outpost very recently (hint, hint!..... ok fine, it was you, dummy!).

So if you haven't gotten it already, you have to head back to Arlinora's Retreat and search for the real Soultrap Scroll. This scroll is another ground spawn, but this time it always spawns in the same spot. You will always find this scroll in the building with Inquisitor Nolren, Inquisitor Higrel, and Inquisitor Jarcol. It is the building closest to the riftway stone.

After everyone has looted the real scroll, head back to the Lyceum and have Ashby port you back up to Eranir for the final turn-in with her!

Inzia - Undead Slaughter

After getting Ashby to port you to Inzia, she will talk to you about one of the headmasters and then tell you to collect 15 Decaying Hearts from the undead that surround the building you are standing on.

So drop down to the front of the building and start killing the undead! The undead mobs will be around level 18 4dot, and do have a seldom chance of dropping the decaying heart. My estimate would be a bit over 50% of the time you will see a heart, and each member of your group has a chance of collecting one, each time you kill a mob. After killing the assortment of Undead and collecting your hearts, get Ashby, once again, to teleport you to Inzia for the turn-in.

Inzia - Patrolling Sacrifice

Now that you brought back to decaying hearts, there is still one more ingredient involved in creating this sickle that you need. It needs Souls! Since the Undead are souless creatures you will have to find souls elsewhere. Where? you ask. Well, Inzia knows of a prime location! You will need to kill the Patrolling Watchmen, that patrol the outside of Arlinora's Retreat!

So head back to Arlinora's Retreat and you will notice Patrolling Watchmen surrounding the outpost. These Watchmen are level 15 2dot and are easily soloable. Each time you kill one you will get an update for your quest, and you will need to kill 10 in order to empower the sickle.

With one loop around the outpost you should be able to capture enough souls, which will empower your sickle. Head back to Inzia by using Ashby to teleport you back to her. Do the turn-in for the sickle.

Getting to the Oculus

Now that you have trained with the three students, you are now ready to proceed to the Oculus, to take on the three headmasters. In order to make it to the floating building in the sky, you need to find the crystal to port you up there.

Where is the crystal? You ask. Well, it is actually past all the undead mobs, at the very south corner of the Lyceum (number 6 on the map). So, fight your way through the Lyceum (or possibly invis) and make your way to the crystal. Once you are there, porting up to the Oculus is just a matter of right clicking the crystal.

When you do port onto the Oculus you will notice that you are standing on the floating island in the sky. You are high enough now that if you fall off of the island, you will fall to your death. You are standing at the beginning of a path that leads up to the Oculus building. On the path, you will notice lots of mobs in the way of your goal. The mobs are an assortment of creatures that are all around level 20 - 21 4dot, and there are plenty to keep you busy, as you fight you way through to the top.

Once you reach the building, enter through the front door, which will lead you to more students that want to stop you from killing their headmasters. The layout of the Oculus is fairly simple. It is a big round room that has a top floor and a bottom floor. The bottom floor has 3 doors, each door leads to a seperate headmaster.

Part 5 - The Oculus

The Three Headmasters

Amonir is probably the easiest headmaster out of all three. He is a level 21 5dot mob and with a good group, should be a piece of cake to kill. You can even invis to him and only have to kill him, as he is standing in an open enough area that no other mobs will attack you. He will drop his Kaon Ring of Druidic Power, which is the first piece of the key you need to get to Ghaldrid.

Elbarion is the Master of Fire and Ice. His room is filled with little Fire and Ice wisps that are easily disposed of. Kill off the wisps and then take out Elbarion, which is also a level 21 5dot mob. He will drop his Kaon Gem of Fire and Ice, which is the second piece of the key that you need to get into Ghaldrid's chambers.

Lastly, but certainly not least is Morwaen, Mistress of Death. She is a level 21 4dot mob and will be in a room filled with Undead mobs that are all around level 20 4dot. Invis will not work in this room, because the mobs are undead, I would recommend clearing the room so you will not get adds when you pull Morwaen. Now, when you start attacking her, she will spawn some skeleton guards to help her out. All the guards are level 20 4dot mobs and unless you have an amazing group, killing all mobs at the same time might prove a challenge. Therefore if you pull Morwaen away from her spawn point, her guards that she summons won't follow you. In fact they will just stand there with this blurry look on their faces, as you are killing their master (as long as you are out of aggro range). After she is dead, make sure you loot the Kaon Amulet of Necromancy, which is the last piece of the key.

NOTE: You can kill the headmasters in any order that you wish.

Ghaldrid's Chambers

With all the keys in hand, you are finally ready to take on the big guy! Aren't you excited? Of course you are, because that's why you play these games, isn't it. Anyway, make your way back to the entrance of the Oculus. You will notice on the top floor that there is a blue crystal just sitting there. It is time to click on the crystal and unlock Ghaldrid's Chambers.

When you do enter his Chambers, make your way up the stairs until you see him, just standing there waiting for you. Talk to him and find out that he has been watching you this whole time, and is surprised that you have gotten this far. He feels that you still don't deserve his presence, and decides to let you face his wyvern, called Steng, instead. He summons Steng, who is a level 20 4dot mob. Killing Steng will prove to be little challenge, considering what it took you to get to this stage of the quest.

After you dispose of his Wyvern, he will finally fight you. He is a level 21 5dot mob, and should be around the same power as some of the headmasters, but about half way through the fight he will teleport away from you and reappear up on one of the platforms. He will also summon Redcaps and Fairies onto the platforms, which you will have to dispose of to get to him. They are all around level 20 and could be either 3dot or 4dot mobs.

Once you make it to Ghaldrid again, you will notice that he has gained all his health back. Once again, start killing Ghaldrid, or at least try to kill him. Again he will teleport up to the next platform. Now you will have to kill you way to Ghaldrid again, but this time, before engauging him, (*TIP*) keep going up the ramps until you reach the top of the platform, then kill the 2 mobs standing there, then head back to Ghaldrid and engage.

NOTE: During the fights on the platform Ghaldrid may knockback players, it is best to fight him in the middle of the platform so he doesn't knock you off. He may also teleport one of the members of your group out of the Oculus entirely, and place him on a small floating rock, with no way to get down. Do not worry if this happens, as after a bit, he will port that individual back into his chambers, and he will just have to run back up the platform to join his group members.

So I hope you listened to my TIP and killed the 2 guards, because if you missed out on killing them before you took on Ghaldrid the third time, you will notice that he is now cowering behind them. This will cause you to fight 3 mobs instead of 1, so my TIP is highly recommended.

If you did kill the 2 guards, then you will find Ghaldrid standing by himself on the top platform. This time you will be able to kill him (watch out for his knockback), as you watch him fall to his doom!

As you are looting him up, you will notice Titania appear out of thin air. She is the mysterious master of Ashby! She is happy at what you have done here today, and rewards you with your very own Caged Redcap Brownie! This item allows you to summon a Redcap pet for 30 seconds to aid you in fights (has a 30 minute cooldown timer). She also offers you another gift, if you hand over all your keys to her. If you feel like you are never going to come back and do this event over again, then you can hand in the key, but if you want to come back, then refuse her offer and you can do the event whenever you want, without having to kill the headmaster again.

NOTE: the item she gives you will be soulbound, and may not be useable by your class.

Congratulations on completing this amazing dungeon, and good luck on your future adventures!


This guide was originally posted from Faeran, Gathilas & Manzanillo on VGWalkthroughs