The Forgotten Earring

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The Forgotten Earring

An earring from the swamp that was once lost, can now be found by you! Help Eldernia Loryl find the lost earring, and follow a journey that will bond this once forgotten earring to you.



Eldernia Loryl

Part 1

Quest: The Forgotten Earring (Part 1)

Eldernia Loryl stands in the Recondite Theshold outpost waiting for adventurers to listen to her story. The fastest way to get to her would be to take the Celestine Ward riftway (Kaon's Rush if you want to go cheap) and griffin your way one chunk south, into the Ruins of Vol Tuniel Chunk. If you do bother to listen to her story, she will tell you that her brother's ship was attacked just south of the outpost. It went up in flames and sank into the ocean. She needs some willing heroes to adventure out to the boat and search for her brother's body, as he had on him an important earring.

Accepting this quest, you will notice that you will now have a mark on your map of where the sunken ship is located, and it just so happens to be a little ways southwest, into the next chunk. Getting to the Ship you will notice that a pack of Fleshruin Scavengers have boarded the ship and have started... umm... "scavenging" around. You will find a burned body on the top of the ship on the stern side. Kill your way to the body and right click it to search. Searching the body, you will find The Forgotten Earring (yay!). Make your way back to Eldernia Loryl and show her your discovery!

Part 2

Quest: The Forgotten Earring (Part 2)

Eldernia Loryl will be pleasantly surprised with the return of the Forgotten Earring. She will admit that she didn't fully trust you, and that she actually knows more about the earring than first let on.

Now the earring that you have does not have any stats, and you will have to find a way to get its power to its full potential. The first step is to cleanse the earring in a magical potion. Once this is done, it will recognize you as its guardian and allow itself to be worn. The items you will need can all be found in the swamp, in the Ruins of Vol Tuniel chunk. The list goes as followed: 4 Peat Mosquito Wing, 4 Creeping Quagmire Essence, and 4 Limnobian Frog Tongue.

All the items drop off of 3 different mobs. The Peat Mosquito Wing, will drop off of Pet Mosquitos. The Creeping Quagmire Essence will drop off of Creeping Quagmires, and the Limnobian Frog Tongue, will drop off of Limnobian Frogs. Each mobs is around lvl 27-30 2dot mobs, and can all be found roaming around the chunk randomly placed. The randomness of the mobs can make this part of the quest take longer than you would like, but never fear, at least I've already done it!

Part 3

Quest: The Forgotten Earring (Part 3)

The next step is to attune the earring to the surrounding swamps. To do this you will need to go to three specific locations that will be marked on your map. You will have to pray at all three locations for 60 seconds without any interruption.

Making your way to a location you will notice that the stones, which you will need to pray at, are surrounded by Weakened Fleshruin Runts. These are level 27 2dot mobs, and you only need to kill around 1 or 2 to gain access to the stone for the 60 seconds needed.

So finish praying at all three locations and make your way back to Eldernia Loryl for the next part!

Part 4

Quest: The Forgotten Earring (Part 4)

The Earring is getting more powerful, but in order to really pump up the power you will need it to feed off of your anger and rage. If you were to kill some Fleshruin Troglodytes, the earring would recognize your rage and would gain hatred for them as well. Eldernia Loryl found a pack of Fleshruin runts while on her way to the Recondite Theshold. She will mark the location on your map as to where they are located.

So make your way to the location she gives you and find a large pack of Weakened Fleshruin Runts running around. They are level 27 2dot mobs and luckily there are several camps of them in the surrounding area. You will need to kill 25 of them, and there are approximately 25 in the entire area, so if others are doing this part of the quest, you would be well advised to group up with them so you guys can share the quest updates.

After you are done, make your way back to Eldernia Loryl for the next part of the quest as well as an upgrade Forgotten Earring.

Part 5

Quest: The Forgotten Earring (Part 5)

You must fully become one with the earring, but in order to do so you have to seek out the Ancient One. Eldernia Loryl believes that she knows where the Ancient One resides, but you will need a special potion in order to speak to him. To make the potion, she will require a single Dryad leaf, which can be found off of Cypress Dryads.

Unfortunately, Cypress Dryads are scarce throughout the zone, but can be found most often wandering in the water. They will be level 29-30 2dot mobs, and when you find them the drop rate may be 50-50 for the leaf. Luckily you will only need one, so wander around in the water until you find a Dryad and get your Dryad Leaf! Once you do, make your way back to Eldernia Loryl so she can make the potion for you.

Part 6

Quest: The Forgotten Earring (Part 6)

Eldernia Loryl will make you the potion and direct you to find the Ancient One. Luckily she will mark the location of the Ancient one on your map, but she will instruct you that you will need to use the potion in order to get to him.

You will notice that the potion you receive is called the Potion of Double Jump. When you get to the Ancient One, you will notice that he is on top of a rather large rock. You will need to use the potion to jump up to him. You will get three tries, but don't fret, if you fail to make it on the rock all three tries, just delete the quest and go back to Eldernia Loryl and accept the quest again. This will give you another 3 attempts at jumping up the rock.

The Ancient One will give you some instructions on how to make the earring more powerful. He gives you the notes for Eldernia Loryl to read. Return them to her to get your next quest.

Part 7

Quest: The Forgotten Earring (Part 7)

Eldernia Loryl reads the notes to find out the next part. Seems like the ring needs to be put over a fire. Not just any fire, but a fire made with special wood. You will need to collect one piece of Aged Oak treebark, one piece of Aged Birch Treebark, and one piece of Aged Maple Treebark. Luckily Eldernia Loryl knows where you can find them, and marks the locations on your map.

The treebarks will all look like old tree trunks, that have fallen on the ground. Each will look similar, and all will be ground spawns. Go to the locations that have been mark on your map and loot the bark one by one. There should be no mobs standing in the way of you and the trunk, so the only thing you'll have to worry about here is your travel route. Make it back to Eldernia Loryl with the bark and she will prepare the fire and roast the earring, giving you back a more powerful version of the Forgotten Earring, and the next quest.

Part 8

Quest: The Forgotten Earring (Part 8)

You are getting closer and closer to have this earring fully bonded with you, and the surrounding swamps. The next step for you to do is to re-test its power, only this time you must show the earring a more powerful foe than before. Slay Mature Fleshruin Troglodytes, which for your convenience Eldernia Loryl can even mark where to find them on your map.

The Mature Troglodytes can be found one chunk to the south, in the Seas of Mist. So make your way to the mark on your map and you will find plenty of level 28 2dot mobs for you to kill, for your enjoyment. There will be many on land, as well as some on the islands for you to slay, so you can show off your power to the earring. You must kill 25 to satisfy the earring, then you may return back to Eldernia Loryl for the next step.

Part 9

Quest: The Forgotten Earring (Part 9)

There is one more potion that needs to be created to fully bond the earring to you. You must sear the earring with a poison that will kill anyone, other than its master, who tries to wear it. The potion will need fangs that drop off of Murkwater Snakes which can be found in the chunk below just south of here, in the water. You will need 16 fangs in order to fill the potion with enough poison.

So once again Eldernia Loryl will mark the location on your map, head on down there and find many lvl 29 2dot snakes for you to slay. Make sure you have enduring breath or else you will need to take many trips to the surface. Kill snakes until you have ripped off the 16 fangs that is required, and make you way back to the Recondite Theshold for the next step.

Part 10

Quest: The Forgotten Earring (Part 10)

Your final task is upon you. It is now time to slay the creature's that killed the previous owner of the earring. Only then will the earring be broken of its previous bond, and its full power will be realized. You must set a trap for the Troglodyte Mystics that killed Eldernia Loryl brother. Take the Potion of Summoning that she has made and pour it over the ancient ground to force the mystics to appear.

A mark will be set on your map called Troglodyte Mystic Location. Head on down there and you will notice that there will be a big hole in the ground. If you follow the path down (or jump down), you will notice that the air is hard to breath down there, and you will slowly be killed by a toxin in the air. This is where your final battle will take place. Stand in the middle of the area and right click the potion. This will spawn around 10 Troglodyte Mystics, all ready to kill you. Each mystic will be level 29 1dot, and with a little luck (or with some AoE power), these mystics should go down fast! Make your way back to Eldernia Loryl and receive your choice of 4 different versions of The Forgotten Earring.

You did it! You now have the final version of The Forgotten Earring. Wear it proudly, and don't forget to use the clickly effect on every Troglodyte you come across!


This guide was originally posted from Faeran, Gathilas & Manzanillo on VGWalkthroughs