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There were once three very powerful wizards named Talok, Hikton, and Devrin. Their instructor, Verteous Morfare, taught them incredible summoning magics.

The three wizards, known for their selfless acts, decided to try to combine their power to help protect the people from the growing number of undead seething forth from Old Targonor.

With their combined power, they created the Book of Morfare.

This was no ordinary book. When read, it had the power to summon a devastating minion.

Sadly, as time passed, the egos of the wizards hindered their idealistic goals. They each wanted full control of teh book so they could gain the praise of the people.

This bred much resentment between them, and after a short time, the Council of Morfare was disbanded. The book, because it had served as a symbol of the councils's unity, was torn to pieces and scattered across the land of Telon.

Starting the quest

The Morfare Council

This quest begins by speaking to Olkurk Insli in Khal (-6554, -57754, East side of Harbor) If you are at least lvl 23 he will give you the quest called The Morfare Council!

Olkurk says, "It is said that if the ten pages of the book of Morfare can be found and brought back together, the book will reveal its power to whoever should read it."

"Sadly, the book was torn to pieces and the pages scattered when the Morfare council decided to end their partnership. If you could find the pages, I could bind them back together and reveal the book's magic. If by a stroke of luck you ever find all ten pages, please bring them to me."

  • This quest has you go find 10 pages of an ancient book and piece them back together. These pages are spread out all over Telon so expect to do quite a bit of traveling.
    As reward you will retrieve: Book of Morfare.png.

Gathering the pages

Book of Morfare, Page 1

Book of Morfare Page 1.png

The Watcher of the Fates are located directly Southwest of Khal and they can easily be found by the large beacon light in their area. They are located on a hilltop at -61850, 39322 and these have a good drop rate.

Book of Morfare, Page 2

To find Turpin start out at the Qa Riverbank Bunker, then head NW along the cliff and you should eventually find a large bone structure at approximately -86426, -87654.

Book of Morfare, Page 3

The Carnivorous Shells are those annoying killer clams. To get to them you will need to get into the center of the island, through the tunnels or flying over and in. These two locations are approx areas where you might find them: 7781, 6552 / 8601, -13515.

Book of Morfare, Page 4

In Fort Gulgethor you will be able to find them all around the sides / ledges that surround the lower portion of this dungeon.

Book of Morfare, Page 5

You need to get to the Skyshrine which is reached via the device at the center of Jalen's Crossing Bridge. The eyes spawn around the entrance to the island of fire around location -29082, -27443. The eyes and wolfmen looking critters share spawns so kill em all. And only the ones that have names ending in "flame" are required to kill since only those locations spawn the mobs you are looking for.

Book of Morfare, Page 6

Book of Morfare Page 6.png

You can find these mobs east of Tanvu. Head into Magi Hold, down the ramp, and find the Ice Wing door. You are in the right area when the mobs you see have names that include the word "Ice". Past the door you should come up to a ring surrounded by these Wardens (approx 25805, -38912).

Book of Morfare, Page 7

Book of Morfare Page 7.png

Go to Star Lake near location 38082, -70653 and kill the aggressive ants. The non aggressive ones you can bypass completely. The aggro and non aggro ants are not linked and do not share spawn points so ignore the non aggro ones, really, unless you are just bored and want to kill them of course while waiting on more aggro red ones to appear.

Book of Morfare, Page 8

These crawling pests are located inside Trengal Keep. Enter through the main entrance then head all the way to the far end of the of fortress, then go to the far right past the mutated Beetles. A gazillion spiders are running around this area, just squash away.

Book of Morfare, Page 9

You are looking for the wasps in the Vineyard of Hillsbury Manor. There are two types of Wasps here but only the Vineyard Wasps have a chance to drop it. The spawns are shared so kill wasps of all types with impunity. The humans are undead so feel free to beat them down as well.

Book of Morfare, Page 10

You are looking for wisp type mobs inside of the building in the center of the ruins, I have never seen them outside of that building. Kill them as able (group or solo based upon your current level) and be careful with the other roaming mobs, the mob population density here is kinda high.

Finding the Morfare Council members

Okay, so you have all these pages... now what. Well now you need to go back to Khal and speak to Olkurk Insli (-6554, -57754, East side of Harbor). He will give you the following quest text:

Olkurk says, "This is amazing. You have managed to find all of the pages."
Olkurk says, "I shall now try to decipher the mystery of this book."
Olkurk says, "Incredible. There is still no text on the pages, but the book seems to have been updated by magical means at the location of the book's authors. "
"It notes that Talok is in some place call Vol Tuniel, Hikton is deep in the great River Palace, and Devrin wanders the Tanvu coast."
"If you can find each of the original authors and get them to sign the book, the blank pages will most likely be filled in and the text will become legible."
Olkurk says, "Good luck. I hope you find them."

Okay now to get your fully powered Book of Morfare you will now need to get it signed by the 3 Morfare Council members who of course are spread out all over the place.

Talok Windlow

Vol Tuniel dungeon

When you go into the Fallen Temple of Vol Tuniel keep going straight south until you get to the wisp room (marked with an "f" on the map). Turn left and follow the winding passage to another room with trogs and dancing flames. You can see Talok from the door.

Hikton Melsin

Hikton Melsin is inside the Palace. Go to the second floor and at the top of the stairs you will turn right. Go through the door and click that wall in the back of that room. Now go out to the balcony (yep guarded balcony, how inconvenient), and then open the door to the center room which was locked in the main hall inside. Hikton Melsin is inside this room.

Note: You can fly from the River Palace riftway up to the balcony of the River Palace. Its much easier than running thru and dealing with all the potential mobs. This would be the balcony on the right side of the building that shows three doors, you want the middle one. And yes, the balcony is guarded so you have been warned.)

Devrin Blodrik

This fellow paths near the shore around the coordinates above, You can't miss him really. If in doubt, /targetauto Devrin will help you find him if you are close enough.

Getting the reward

Now return to Olkurk Insli (-6554, -57754, East side of Harbor). Talk to Olkurk and receive the following quest text:

Olkurk says, "This can't be... you have done it."
"The power of this book shall indeed increase your odds against the undead of this world."
  • Reward: 18 silver and a book are tossed yoru way.


Authors Note

(Author: Lifebane from

Oh yes, no real instruction guide was given with your spiffy new Book of Morfare so what you want to do is find yourself an undead, target it, click the book... done. Of course being the groovy necros that we are, this equates to turn something undead first with soul blight, click book, done.

Notleh's Power Tip: The Book of Morfare does stack with the DE pet buff. So, thats an added 20% damage against undead (the 10% from the book is for everyone in the group and your own personal 10% on top of that).
Then you use a Plague bringer minion and his "Corruption" debuff adds an additional 10% incoming spiritual damage. A Zealot then adds Shaken and Soul Wracked. Damage INC!