The Serpent of Sihari

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Boat Map
Upper Temple Map
Lower Temple Map

This dungeon is located in Lomshir and has a level range from 08-11.

The Serpent of Sihari is an innocuous looking shipwreck on the beach just outside of Lomshir. A few scraggly undead totter their way around it. If you peek inside you see about what you expect to. Some tougher undead amid the wreckage of an old ship. All too many people move on from there and never discover what the Serpent truly hides-one of the most spectacular low level dungeons in the game.

Known NPCs

Quest NPC Vendor Boss
Blackheart 9x3
Jelyd 8x4


Acquired in Lomshir

  • [8] Serpent of Siharis (Solo)
    • [8] The Expert (Solo)
      • [8] The Water Diamond (Group)

Acquired in The Serpent of Sihari

  • [8] The Tale of Captain Nakaue (Solo)
    • [8] Portals of the Abyss (Group)
    • [8] For Restless Souls (Group)


The Serpent of Sihari wrecked several years ago on the beach of Lomshir during what may have been a standard beaching manuever to resupply or may just as well have been an attempted pirate raid on Lomshir to resupply. It is rumored that she carried in her cargo a beautiful blue diamond that may have had mystical properties. Perhaps this is what brought her to her doom.

The ship is named for Sihari, Goddess of the sea, chaos and storms. Also known as the "Dark Lady of the Sea". Her symbol is a swirling whirlpool or a mass of tentacles. Sea zombies are sailors who disrespected Sihari at sea which may have a lot to do with the current state of the crew of The Serpent of Sihari.

Or it could have something to do with an ancient evil and lots of demons. Guess you'll have to go there and find that out...