Tomb of Aanak Vor'dan

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Tomb of Aanak Vor dan.jpg

This dungeon is located in Tar Janashir and has a level range from 35-37.



  • [35] Mummy Bandages
    Given by Talfoz Kolzan
    • Mummy Bandage (0/8)
  • [35] Skeletal Remains
    Given by Talfoz Kolzan
    • Remains of a dead body (0/14)
  • [35] Spirit Trouble
    Given by Talfoz Kolzan
    • Undead Slain (0/75)
  • [34] Sealed Away
    Given by Talfoz Kolzan
    • Go to the Crypt and see if you can unlock the mystery of the creature that resides inside.
  • [35] The Ark of Aanak Vor'dan
    Given by Bellzoc
    • Ancient Bones Slain (0/10)
    • Ancient Spirits Slain (0/10)
    • Ancient Mummies Slain (0/6)
    • Ark of Aanak Vor'dan
  • [35] The Treasure of Aanak Vor'dan
    Given by Janashir Jones
    • Idol of Aanak Vor'dan