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The Diplomacy Tutorial Quests are your introduction to Diplomacy in the world of Telon.

They will teach you how to Parley and provide you with your initial deck of cards to play; give you a set of Diplomacy Gear that you can wear to look good and give you some initial Diplomatic Presence; and tell you a lot of Lore relating to your Race and the part of Telon that you started in.

The Diplomats Saga is a quest chain for low level diplomats that provide a lot of xp, cards and gear to get you started.

Racial Differences

When it comes to Diplomacy in Telon, every Race is different. This is because each Race is classified according to a particular Racial Expression and as a consequence the initial deck of cards you will have after you have completed the Diplomacy Tutorial Quests will be strong in that Expression and weaker in others. The citizens of the city you start in will also be strong in this same Expression. All of the Diplomacy Tutorial Quests you do are tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.

When you visit other cities and outposts to do General Diplomacy Quests and engage in Civic Diplomacy, you will encounter Parleys that are difficult if not impossible for you to win. This may happen because the Parley completely blocks out your Racial Expression or because the NPC supplies you very little Expression that you can use. Once you start doing the General Diplomacy Quests you will be rewarded with extra cards for your deck that will help you win these more difficult Parleys.

The different Racial Expressions, Difficult Conversation types, and the Races that belong to them are listed below:

Demand Races Diplomacy Demand Icon.png Reason Races Diplomacy Reason Icon.png Inspire Races Diplomacy Inspire Icon.png Flattery Races Diplomacy Flattery Icon.png
Dwarf High Elf Thestran Human Halfling
Vulmane Gnome Varanjar Qaliathari Human
Varanthari Goblin Lesser Giant Kurashasa
Wood Elf Kojani Human Dark Elf Half Elf
Orc Raki
Mordebi Human

Racial Tutorial Quests

To find full details of the Diplomacy Tutorial Quests for each Race, use the following Links:

All races should be able to get their Signature Statements at levels 10, 30 and 50.

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