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This guide does not include details that are provided in the text of the quest. Instead, it provides travel tips, location coordinates, time estimates, level requirements, mob levels, and other informations to help you get through this quest line. All quests provided accurate waypoints for the mobs and NPCs.

Required Factions: Unicorns of Silverlake

Recommended Bind Spots: Darkhorse Downs near Lomshir – next to rift stone (during Part 2 bind in the city of Lomshir). Later on, bind at The Deebs.

Note: I started this quest line with a 21 Cleric (2-boxing a 47 Rakurr Shaman). Also, I did this with Randolph the Flying Reindeer, so my travel times were faster than normal, but I adjusted my estimates accordingly. Time to complete quests will vary depending on a variety of factors (competition for mobs, grouped/solo, level, run speed, riftway usage, levitate, etc...).

  • Note: Randolph the Reindeer no longer flies the whole year, it is only usable during christmas season.

Part 1

Around 4.5 hours, 3 Quests (1 Task), ~150 kills

Location: Congregation of the Zar (-1600, -24500, 50500 in Silverlake (-25 27)) east side of lake, or on the island.

To Get Here: Use the riftway to Silverlake.

  • NPC: Myrthion the Unicorn on Unicorn Rock (-34800, -75600, 52800) in Silverlake (-25, 27)
  • Task: Kill Zar Ritualists until you get a Unicorn Horn (may drop off other Zar as well)
  • Required Level: None
  • Faction: Unicorns of Silverlake (+1) Zar Crystal Disciples (-1)
  • Mob Level: 21-22 3-dot
  • Kills: Random drop (got mine in 3 kills)
  • Time: 10 minutes (travel) 10 Minutes killing

Quest 1: The End of Innocence

  • Quest Giver: Myrthion
  • Required Level: 21
  • Faction: Unicorns of Silverlake (+1) Zar Crystal Disciples (-1)
  • Mob Level: 21-22 3-dot, Zar (the Leader) is 22-23 4-dot
  • Time: 2-3 hours or more.

Part 1: Collect Flowers

Flowers are found near the Congregation of the Zar and on the Island of Zar. Once you pick one, the item description will tell you how many you need to collect – 40 Yellow, 30 Red, 30 Violet. Be prepared to kill a lot (125-150) of Zar, as they are very close to the flowers.

  • Kills: 125-150
  • Time: 2-3 hours or more.
  • Tip: In a group only one person needs to collect the flowers and summon Zar. Everyone in the group will get to loot a Wand of Possession.
  • Note: If doing this solo it is possible you could run out of a certain color of flower. When I had gathered 40 Yellow and 30 Violet I only had 12 Red. Since I was unable to harvest any more Yellow or Violet, eventually there were no more Red (all spawns were Yellow or Violet). I had to get the quest on an alt and harvest the Yellow & Violet until more Reds spawned. A better option (suggested by Goulian) is to put the flowers in the bank (one in nearby Lakeview), then you will be allowed to harvest all of the colors again. Once you collect what you need, and retrieve those in the bank, you may need to re-log to get the quest to update.

Part 2: Slay the leader of the Zar

Take the 100 flowers to the altar on the Island of the Zar. Kill all of the Zarr followers on the altar. Right-click on the altar to summon Zar. Kill him and loot a Wand of possession.

  • Kills: 4-5 (those on alter plus Zar)
  • Time: 5-10 minutes

Part 3

Bring the Unicorn Horn and the wand of possession to the unicorn Myrthion on Unicorn Rock (on a hill directly north of Silverlake).

  • Note: there are other unicorns near the rock – the one for the quest is Myrthion.

Quest 2: Myrthion’s Cousin (escort Laefel)

  • Required Level: 21
  • Time: 40 minutes (round-trip travel)
  • Speak With Sergeant Fisher

Travel to Fisher’s Pen (92200, 87700, 26550) in Ocean Watch (-27, 28). You can take the route through Ruins of Trengal Keep chunk, or go through The Deebs, which may be safer. Speak to Sergeant Fisher, he tells you that Laefel is on a hill to the west.

  • Find Laefel (64000, 80400, 37800) and escort him back to Unicorn Rock.
    • Note: It appears that each member of a group must escort Laefel separately.

Quest 3: Journey to Shadow’s Edge

Find the unicorn Adaenyl near Lomshir in Qalia.

  • Required Level: 22
  • Time: 20 minutes (travel)

Part 2

Around 3.5 hours, 5 Quests, ~50 kills.

  • Location: Shadow’s Edge (-81100, 86200, 17100) in Lomshir (-15, -9).
  • To Get Here: Run from Unicorn Rock to Silverlake riftway, then rift to Hathor Zhi. Get a wyvern and head north to Shadow’s Edge.
  • Tip: Bind in Lomshir City or near the riftway since you will be returning here often
  • NPC: Adaenyl

Quest 4: End the Cruelty

Kill 45 Aeokor Dark Elves in the ruins northeast of Shadow’s Edge.

  • Required Level: 22
  • Mob Level: 24 3-dot
  • Kills: 45
  • Time: 45-60 minutes
  • Reward: Ring of Allegiance

Quest 5: Keys to the Finder

Gather 3 keys from Skrilien Witch Doctors.

  • Required Level: 23
  • Faction: Skrilien Lizardmen (-1) Upside Alliance (+1) Mekalia (+1) Tauthien Tribe (+1)
  • Mob Level: 23-24 2-dot
  • Kills: Random (could be as low as 2)
  • Tip: I killed several Witchdoctors outside the hut with no luck. The first two I killed inside the huts dropped the 3 keys. Lots of adds, so be careful.
  • Time: 15 minutes (killing) 15 minutes (round-trip travel, riftway to Skrilien Point and head south to the Strand of the Ancients)

Quest 6: Testing the Finder

Re-establish contact with Raynien the unicorn.

  • Required Level: 23
  • Time: ~60 minutes (round-trip travel)
  • Tip: Raynien is on an island 4 chunks west of Lomshir. Travel by boat, levitation, or flying mount will reduce the time. Location (-18800, -56300, 14300) in Jalen's Retreat.

Quest 7: Unicorns of Kojan

Re-establish contact with the unicorns Grathael and Athanalor

  • Required Level: 23
  • Time: ~60 minutes (round-trip travel – take Pankor Zhi rift to Tanvu. Recall back to Lomshir.
  • Tip: Each unicorn is on a separate island, both are north of Tanvu. Travel by boat, levitation, or flying mount will reduce the time. Athanalor is on an island 2 chunks north of Tanvu (49700, 35300, 8100) in Ceros Isle (-19,8). Grathael is 4 chunks north, and 1 chunk west of Tanvu (Seas of Mist (-20,10)).
  • Reward: Choice of Allegiance gloves

Quest 8: Extraordinary Response

Take the Ceratescryer to the unicorn Medratheda in Strand of the Ancients.

  • Required Level: 24
  • Time: 20 minutes (take the riftway to Skrilien Point, head south to Strand of the Ancients)

Part 3

Around 3.5 hours, 4 Quests, 92 kills.

  • Location: Medratheda’s Herd (-32400, 75600, 9540) in Strand of the Ancients (-10, -9).
  • To Get Here: Take the riftway to Strand of the Ancients. The herd is at the south end of the chunk.
  • NPC: Medratheda

Quest 9: Those Who Seek Us Out

Kill 55 threatening Skrilien in Ssre’vessk)

  • Required Level: 24
  • Faction: Skrilien Lizardmen (-1) Upside Alliance (+1) Mekalia (+1) Tauthien Tribe (+1)
  • Mob Level: 23-26 2-4 dots (only the 25-26 3-dots count for the quest)
  • Kills: 55
  • Time: 60-90 minutes
  • Tip: Watch out for roaming groups of 26 3-dots. Best bet is to pick off the Soothsayers around the trees, or those guarding the slaves.

Quest 10: Eradicating the Danger

Collect 37 Strand Snapper Tail Spikes – 100% drop rate

  • Required Level: 24
  • Mob Level: 25-26 2-dot
  • Kills: 37

Time: 40 minutes

Quest 11: Celebration of Sanctuary

Feed 15 unicorn foals.

  • Required Level: 25
  • Time: 30-45 minutes
  • Tip: This quest can be very frustrating, as the foals wander and there is no way to keep track of which ones you have fed except using the markings (need to be in a group). Killing a foal is a -100 faction hit, so that’s not an option.
    • Sometimes the foals are bugged and not visible, either let a gm reset the chunk, or use the item to feed the foals close to its mother, when she stops.

Quest 12: A detection in Thestra

Speak to the unicorn Telodaen in Thestra.

  • Required Level: 25
  • Time: 10 minutes (take riftway from Strand of the Ancients to New Targonor)

Part 4

Aroun 4.5 hours, 5 Quests, 130 kills.

  • Location: One chunk north of New Targonor (40700, 87500, 13785) in Shrine of the Flame (-27, 25).
  • To Get Here: Take riftway from Strand of the Ancients to New Targonor, then head east (northeast). Levitation will help a lot, as the unicorn is on a ledge that may be difficult to reach.
  • NPC: Telordaen

Quest 13: An Insult to Masaras

  • Required Level: 25
  • Mob Level: 26 2-dots
  • Kills: 45 brownies
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Tip: No need to go to second camp unless others are killing at the first camp too. Easy to single-pull and solo. First brownie camp is very close to the unicorn Telordaen.

Quest 14: Worst of the Interposers

Kill 47 Ashendreg at ruins, and 23 at Thwarter Camp.

  • Required Level: 26
  • Mob Level: 26 3-dot (Thwarter Camps) 25-26 3-4 dots (Ruins)
  • Kills: 70
  • Tip: At the ruins only the ones inside the fort count towards the quest (25 4-dot Conquerors, 26 3-dot Preservers). Definitely need a small group for the ruins, camps can be soloed.
  • Time: 2 hours

Quest 15: Roc Solid

collect 15 Roc retrixes

  • Required Level: 26
  • Mob Level: 26-27 3-dot
  • Kills: 15 (100% drop rate)
  • Time: 1 hour (30 minutes travel, 30 minutes killing – Rocs are scattered so it takes a while)
  • Reward: Choice of Allegiance Bracer

Quest 16: Maybe there Are Others

Speak to the Nathan Silver in Shrine of the Flame

  • Required Level: 27
  • Time: 10 minutes (travel north to the Silver Farm)
  • NPC: Nathan Silver

Quest 17: Visiting Mattanien

Speak with Mattanien Jent in the Ridge of Memories, west of Tursh Village

  • Required Level: 27
  • Time: 30 minutes (travel)

Part 5

Around 1.5 hours, 4 Quests, 45 kills

  • Location: One chunk west of Tursh (95200, -56200, 8600) in Ridge of Memories (-28, 27).
  • To Get Here: Travel north through Three Rivers, to Tursh, then head west along the coast.
  • NPC: Mattanien Jent

Quest 18: Around the Cliff

Speak to the unicorn Daesyril on a small island west of Mattanien

  • Required Level: 27
  • Time: 10 minutes (travel)
  • Tip: Daesyril is on the island and surrounded by Ettercaps, you may have to kill a few to get to her.
  • NPC: Daesyril

Quest 19: Destroy the Ettercaps

Kill 45 Ettercaps on the island or on the shore

  • Required Level: 27
  • Mob Level: 27 3-dot
  • Kills: 45
  • Time: 45-60 minutes

Quest 20: Make Known My Story

Return to Mattanien Jent

  • Required Level: 27
  • Time: 10 minutes (travel)
  • NPC: Mattanien Jent

Quest 21: One Other Elf

Speak to Enorian Andowyn in Wardship of the Sleeping Moon.

  • Required Level: 28
  • Time: 20 minutes (travel)
  • Tip: Keep your bind point near a rift stone (like Dark Horse Downs)

Part 6

Around 4.5 hours, 5 Quests, 135 kills

  • Location: Wardship of the Sleeping Moon (6100, -12350, 10300) in Wardship of the Sleeping Moon (-23, 25).
  • To Get Here: Recall to your bind point. Take the rift to Celestine Ward riftway run south.
  • Note: You will have up to 3 quests going at a time. The time estimate for each quest is for that part alone, and does not include the time of the sub-quests.
  • NPC: Enorian Andowyn (Enorian is the Cleric Instructor and is located in the basement of the tower)

Quest 22: Trapped Unicorns

Speak to and aid the unicorn Delsyr, one chunk north of the Wardship of the Sleeping Moon.

  • Required Level: 28
  • Time: 20 minutes (travel)
  • Tip: Delsyr is in the innermost part of a valley and you will have to pass/fight through Bloodhowler mobs to reach him. Levitation could help you pass over them. Location is (65000, 64000, 32600) in Vault of Heroes (-23, 26)
  • Reward: ‘Pet’ Unicorn and a choice of Allegiance armor.
  • NPC: Delsyr

Quest 23: Retrieve Our Lost Kin

Kill 42 Bloodhowlers, then travel to the unicorns Nathefel and Thanion)

  • Step 1:
    • Kill 42 Bloodhowler Unicorn Trappers or Bloodletters
    • Required Level: 28
    • Faction: Blood Howler Clan (-2) Dahknarg, Halgarad, Celestine Ward (+2)
    • Mob Level: 28-29 3-dot
    • Kills: 42
    • Time: 60 minutes
    • Tip: If soloing, it’s not too hard to pull singles up to the unicorn hill. The Bloodletters heal, so the trappers are faster kills.
  • Step 2: Travel to Nathefel (on an island (78400, -76000, 1150) in Thelaseen (-22, 24).
    • Required Level:28
    • Time: 30 minutes (travel)
    • Tip: Nathefel and Thanion are on separate islands several chunks away. You may need to zoom out on the map to see the waypoint markers. The northern half of Nathefel’s island is full of Bloodhowlers, the unicorns are on the south end. Complete a quest for Nathefel (see Quest #24 below).
  • Step 3: Travel to Thanion (on an island (50000, -70800, 3100) in Seas of Mist (-23, 23).
    • Required Level:28
    • Time: 30 minutes (travel)
    • Tip: Island is just off the southern coast of the Ruins of Vol Tuniel. Complete a quest for Nathefel (see Quest #25 below)
    • NPC: Nathefel

Quest 24: Reduced to Blood and Howls

Kill 18 Bloodhowler Sentinals on the island or on the shore

  • Required Level: 28
  • Faction: Blood Howler Clan (-2) Dahknarg, Halgarad, Celestine Ward (+2)
  • Mob Level: 28-29 3-dot
  • Kills: 18
  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Tip: Nathefel is on the south end of the island, the northern half of the island is full of Bloodhowlers.
  • NPC: Thanion

Quest 25: Unruined Flesh

Gather 100 weapons from the Fleshruin mobs on the island.

  • Required Level: 28
  • Faction: Rot Blood Troglodytes (-2) Celestine Ward (+2)
  • Mob Level: 29-30 3-dot
  • Kills: 75 (100% drop rate, daggers drop 2 at a time)
  • Time: 90 minutes
  • Tip: On your way back to Wardship, be sure to unlock the Vol Tuniel rift stone.
  • NPC: Enorian Andowyn

Quest 26: A Marvelous Plan

Take the broken unicorn teleporter to Ardalan Awji in Mekalia.

  • Required Level: 29
  • Time: 20 minutes (travel)
  • Reward: 22 Slot Saddlebag

Part 7

Around 1 hour, 2 Quests, 0 kills

  • Location: Southeast corner of Mekalia chunk (50600, 86400, 44000) in Mekalia (-11, -9).
  • To Get Here: Recall to your bind point. Take the rift to Strand of the Ancients, then take the pass through the mountains in the southern part of the chunk.
  • NPC: Ardalan Awji

Quest 27: Question and Answer

Purchase arcane pliers from Shaheen’s Traveling Mercantile.

  • Required Level: 29
  • Time: 40 minutes (round-trip travel)
  • Tip: Pick up the quest Strange Spirits from Ryalsep Ensopasat in the same camp as Ardalan. You will be traveling right by the Shrine of the Elders on your way to Shaheen, so you may as well pick up some extra experience. The

Shaheens are located one chunk south (-88700, 71000, 14900) in Zossyr Hakrel (-11, -10). There are two Shaheen merchants. Azeeta Shaheen has the arcane pliers on the third page of goods for 10 gold. Purchase them and return to Ardalan in Mekalia.

Quest 28: Finding Aynien

Use the teleporter to find the last stray unicorn.

  • Required Level: 30
  • Time: 20 minutes (travel – see tips in Part 8 below)
  • Note: Right-clicking the teleporter adds a waypoint to your map and displays the message. The device points you to Aynien in the waters of northern Thestra.

Part 8

Around 1 hour, 2 Quests, 40 kills

  • Location: Lamprey Islands – north of Plains of Anguish (-5800, -59600, 900) in Seas of Mist (-29, 29).
  • To Get Here: Recall to your bind point (preferably near a tier 1 rift stone). Take the rift to The Deebs. A boat,

rented flying mount, or levitate is strongly recommended. It took me 18 minutes running across the water with levitate. One chunk north and 4 chunks west of The Deebs. If you have unlocked the Plains of Anguish rift stone, it may be faster to travel to another tier 2 rift stone and port there. Aynien is on the west peninsula of the northern- most of the four islands in the chunk. The island, and water around it, is full of mobs.

  • Tip: Bind at The Deebs, you will be returning here when you finish with Aynien.
  • NPC: Aynien

Quest 29: Seadredge Doldrums (kill 15 Seadredges and 25 Kelpwalkers)

  • Required Level: 30
  • Mob Level: 30-31 3-dot
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Tip: The mobs roam, and adds are common, so be careful.

Quest 30: Unicorns Reunited (Use the teleportation device on Aynien, and return to Myrthion)

  • Required Level: 30
  • Time: 5 minutes (travel)
  • Tip: Recall back to The Deebs, run south to Unicorn Rock
  • Note: Apparently each member of a group must use the teleportation device on Aynuen separately. Re-spawn time is 4-5 minutes.
  • NPC: Myrthion

Quest 30: Unicorns Reunited (continued) (select reward)

  • Required Level: 30
  • Time: 1 minute
  • Reward: Unicorn (choice of saddle colors)


  • Quests: 30
  • Mobs Killed: ~650
  • Time: ~24 hours
  • Last Updated 12.06.2012