United Races of Thestra

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United Races of Thestra

The United Races of Thestra have a mission for any adventurer brave enough to call themselves a hero. The risks will be high but the reward will be grand.

NOTE: There are multiple paths you could take to complete these missions. This is only one of the many ways. 


  • Starting Continent: Thestra
  • Difficulty Rating: Solo
  • Starting Quest NPC: Legrok Blacksmelter
  • Starting Required Level: 12
  • Nearest Riftway: Renton Keep
Note: There are other Quest NPCs who will give you a quest leading you to Renton Keep. e.g. at Three Rivers, when you leave the village to the northeast right across the bridge.

URT: Appeasing Tharridon (Boots)


Quest: URT Hero Mission: Appeasing Tharridon

The United Races of Thestra have a mission for any adventurer brave enough to call themselves a hero. The risks will be high but the reward will be grand. All across Thestra there are special people awaiting heros like yourself. If you so wish to aid in this cause, head over to Legrok Blacksmelter in Renton Keep (there is a riftway leading to this outpost).

He will be standing by the walls outside of the keep. He will offer up the chance to help out the United Races of Thestra. If you wish to take it, he will tell you to talk to Trisda Sentle (who is close by) who will tell you how to begin.

Trisda Sentle Needs Help

Quest: Fulfilling Their Needs

Trisda Sentle is please with your willingness to help the cause and immediately sends you on your first mission. As you may well be aware, the great giant Tharridon is the most powerful being around here. With someone like him as an ally, the URT could do some amazing things! She has heard that Tharridon is amassing stone, perhaps if the URT makes a donation of stone he would be more amenable to an alliance. Luckily she has discovered a location of a large group of several giant rock beings. Kill them and gather 25 of the most pristine pieces and return them to her.

She marks a location on your map that will be one chunk to the west of Renton Keep. Head over to the location and you will reach a large mountain made out of rock. Scattered around the mountain you will find Stone mobs called Living Stoneflux and Swirling Stoneflux. These mobs will be level 14-15 2dot, and can all be pulled single to a safe location. Each mob will have a chance of dropping a Pristine Stone, but the drop rate is low enough that you will not see them each time. Collect your 25 and return to Trisda for your next mission.

Pristine Delivery

Quest: Peaceful Offering

Trisda Sentle is happy for all your hard work. She packs the stones in a box and asks you to deliver them to a Rekk that is willing to help out the URT.

The Rekk are employed by Tharridon to gather stone, and are usually distrustful of outsiders. But one Rekk by the name of Foreman Urkrekk will be awaiting your arrival just outside of their salvager camps.

A mark will be made on your map, which will be north of your current location, in the same chunk. Following the path will lead straight to him, and you will find him standing next to some rocks (of all things). Deliver the package to complete this quest.

The Leak Beings

Quest: Stop the Leak

Foreman Urkrekk examines the rocks, and puts them together. The rocks turn into a mob, and without warning, starts attacking the Rekk Miners! Foreman Urkrekk acts quickly and tells you to kill the fleeing Rekks. Killing at least 3 of the Rekks will update the quest. Head back to Urkrekk and tell him of your great deed of slaying the running Rekks.

The Leak is Now a Puddle

Quest: The Leak That Became a Puddle

Foreman Urkrekk will be very displeased with what you have done. You let some of the witnesses slip away! Tharridon will destroy URT if he finds out what has happened here! Therefore all witnesses must be destroyed! Head into the quarry, and kill all who have seen you.

So with this great news at hand, you must make your way into the quarry. There you will find many mobs ranging from simple Excavators, to their Overseers. One such mob you will notice are the Rekk Hobgoblin Witnesses. They will be level 16-17 2dot mobs and have a randomness to their spawn points.

The suggestion would be to kill everything in the entire camp (if you can). This will up the chance that more witnesses will appear in the next respawn. You will need to kill 15 of these Witnesses and it is unlikely all 15 will be up at a time, and waiting for respawn will be something you will likely have to do.

After you slay all the witnesses, head back to Foreman Urkrekk. Although the mission didn't entirely go as planned, at least the clean-up job did. Hopefully Tharridon will never know what has happened this day.

Now head back to Trisda Sentle (who is still standing at Renton Keep) and tell her what has been done. She will offer you boots of the URT in exchange for the help that you offered.

Reward: Cloth Boots of the United Races, Chain Boots of the United Races, Scale Boots of the United Races, Plate Boots of the United Races

URT: Greater Power (Gloves)


Quest: URT Hero Mission: Greater Power

Since you are in Renton Keep, you might as well complete the next URT quest that is also in this area. Go talk to Nortana Stonemine to receive the quest URT: Greater Power. She will inform you to go speak to Calern Retera, who is standing close by, for your first quest.

Search That Past

Quest: Searching The Past

Calern Retera begins by informing you that Tharridon has some of his Rekk trying to break up a large stone outcropping to the northwest. If we break up the stone for him, we might be able to get Tharridon in our debt. The URT does not have the manpower to break up the stone by hand, but to the southeast is a lake that wasn't always there. If they could find out how that lake was made, we might be able to harness the same power for breaking that stone outcropping. She informs you to travel to the Ancient Recorder, who is located to the east down the road, and question him about the lake.

So make your way, East, across the road until you make it to an Elven looking tower with a ghost underneath it. The ghost will be the Ancient Recorder. Approaching him and right click him and ask him about how the lake was formed. After you run out of questions, return to Calern with the information you have obtained and you will receive your next quest.

Mutated Flesh

Quest: Long Term Effects

Calern is concerned about the long term effects the explosion that the Ancient Recorder talked about would have on the wildlife in the area. The URT don't have the manpower to kill off all of the creatures that might try to live in the area of the blast, as they might become contaminated. Travel to the lake far southeast of Renton Keep and bring back samples from the creatures that now inhabit it.

So she puts a mark on the map of the lake and informs you to get going. So off you go down the path towards where the Ancient Recorder is located, except this time you will swerve to the south of the Elven Tower and make your way to the lake. Here you will find creatures called Mutated Rekks and Mutated Pond Dwellers. These creatures will be around level 15-16 2dot, and drop the Mutated Flesh Samples that you need most of the time. You will need to collect 20 of them to have enough for Calern to test. So kill away until 20 of them lie in your sack and make your way back to Calern for your next quest.

Unstable Beetles

Quest: Beetles of Mass Destruction

Next Calern Retera would like you to collect some Unstable Burster Beetles, so the URT can test them on the outcropping. The test will allow them to do studies to find out how many of them would be necessary to completely break up the rock. She hands you an Unstable Burster Beetle Trap and send you on your way to the Beetles.

The Unstable Burster Beetles are located in the east of the chunk (a mark should be placed on your map), up on the side of a mountain. The Unstable Burster Beetles will be rare as they are littered throughout lots of regular Burster Bettles. In fact, all Burster Beetles are place holders for Unstable Burster Beetles, so killing every Burster Beetle you come across will greatly improve your chance of finding the Unstable variety. When you do find an Unstable Burster Beetle, bring out that Unstable Burster Beetle Trap that Carlern gave you (you can make a hotbutton for easy convenience). Approach the Unstable Burster Beetle and Right Click the Trap and catch it! You will need to catch 8 of them to complete this part of the quest. I repeat, if you don't find enough Unstable Burster Beetles up, kill the regular Burster Beetles and wait for respawn. All Burster Beetles are place holders for Unstable Burster Beetles!

So after you have all 8, head back to Calern for the next quest.

Testing the Beetles

Quest: To the Test Site

Calern gives you a crate of unstable burster beetles and directs you towards the rock outcropping to the northwest (marked on your map - one chunk west). She would like you to release the crate of beetles when you are near Melkov Ullosa and then talk to him about the results of the test.

So make your way to Melkov and right click the Crate of Unstable Burster Beetles that are in your inventory. This will release the beeltes onto the ground and... crap they attacked the Rekk working there! This isn't good, if Tharridon finds out, the URT is doomed.

Quest: Cleanup: Aisle Botchery

Melkov panics and eventually decides that none of the Rekk here at the site should live, so none of them can go and tell Tharridon. He tells you to kill the Rekk Foreman, 15 Rekk Rockgrinders and Stonecrushers, and 15 Rekk Excavators and Pulverizers. Each of these mobs will be level 16 2dot and there will be many below and on top of the rock outcropping. So begin your mass slaughter... I mean clean up mission and when you are finished go back to Melkov and tell him the good deed that you have done today. He will thank you and send you on your way.

Now run back to Calern Retera in Renton Keep and though she may not be overwhelmed with joy, she is pleased what you have done to save the URT. She graciously provides you with the gloves of the URT!

Reward: Cloth Gloves of the United Races, Chain Gloves of the United Races, Scale Gloves of the United Races, Plate Gauntlets of the United Races

URT: Saving Silverlake (Legs)

Note: Instead of saving the Silverlake right away, i would suggest to first start with the Feeding Frenzy quest in Kaon's Rush, since it should fit best with your adventuring level.


Quest: URT Hero Mission: Saving Silverlake

Since you are already in Renton Keep (that is if you have been following my walkthrough) you might as well talk to Trisda Sentle and accept the quest Saving Silverlake. After you have accepted the quest you can take the Riftway to Silverlake (yup, there's a riftway straight there! It's on Thestra). Trisda will tell you to talk to a man by the name of Threntin Albeross who is standing next to a fence just outside of the village. Hail him to recieve your first quest.

Note: If you like to do an alternitive questline for the URT-legs, you need to take a riftway to Kaon's Rush and talk to an URT-member there. 
      While you have to kill farmers in this walkthrough, you will have the chance to build your own undead with bodyparts you gather in Kaon's Rush and connect them in Misthaven Crossing.

The Halfling Bandits

Quest: Item Retrieval

Well it seems that Silverlake has an infestation of Zar followers, a cultist group using strange magic. They have overtaken the farmers to the west and the URT wishes to assist the residence of Silverlake to gain favor with them. He has requested a tool from the URT in New Targanor that will remove the zar soul that is possessing the farmers, but the caravan delivering the device was ambushed by some halfling bandits! He instructs you to go to the crossroads west of here, where the bandits reside, and retrieve the tool.

So off you go west to the bandit camp where there will be many a bandit on the crossroads, most of them being in stealth mode. The bandits will range from level 17-19 2dot and you will need to kill them until a URT Soul Render drops. Once you retrieve the Soul Render, head back to Threntin with your good deed!

Rendering the Cleanse

Quest: Cleansing the Crazed

Well, so far so good, you managed to retrieve the stolen URT Soul Render, but now is the time to cleanse the farmers of the possessed Zar Souls that are haunting them. Using the URT Soul Render, you must rip the zar influence out of 10 of the crazed and/or possessed farmers that live in the farms west of this location. When you do so, the farmers will be stupefied for a bit, but once the corrupt soul is removed, they will recover in a short time. Threntin will inform you to free 10 of the farmers for now, and to make URT proud, and then sends you on your way.

So off you go to the farm, where you will find many Crazed and Possessed farmers as well as some of the Zar Cultists who are possessing them. The crazed and possessed farmers will be level 17-18 2dot, but luckily you won't have to kill them (since the whole point of this, is to save them!). In order to save them, target one of the farmers and right click the URT Soul Render once you are close enough to use it. Once the Soul Render does its thing, the farmer will turn into a Dazed Farmer and become none hostile to you. Unfortunately at the same time you will have angered its soul, and the Angered Soul, who is also level 17-18 2dot will attack you!

So save 10 of the farmers by using the URT Soul Rendering device on them and head back to Threntin with news of your successful deed, I'm sure he will be pleased.

He is Not Pleased

Quest: Controlling the Situation

We have a serious problem. The farmers have not come out of their dazed states! Analysis has shown that not only did you remove the Zar influence within them, but you also removed their very souls! This is not good. The souls have been destroyed, so now the farmers are nothing but mindless zombies. We need to get those farmers out of sight before the people of Lakeview notice. There just happens to be some Zarian Netherbeasts nearby, and their dust will attract the dazed farmers and make them follow you. Why don't you collect 25 Zarian Netherbeast Dust and bring them back to me! Please Hurry!

Well, I guess this could be worse... so off you go to collect the 25 Zarian Netherbeast Dust just west of your location (should be marked on your map). The Zarian Netherbeasts will be level 18 2dot and will look like large gargoyle type creatures. The chance of a Netherbeast dropping their dust is very high, and each member of your group on this quest will have their own chance of looting one. After collecting the 25, head back to Threntin with the dusts so he can inform you what you need to do with the dust (I'm sure he just wants you to lure the Dazed Farmers away from the town so the Villagers don't notice them in their zombie state).

Wait... What?

Quest: To the Mill

Well unfortunately the dust can only lure one farmer at a time, and that would just take too long. So Threntin has other agents at hand, so he will only need you to grab three of the dazed farmers. He tells you that the farmers' bodies must never been found, and that he would like you to lure them into the village windmill that is located on the hill behind Lakeview. Take them to the second floor and kill them, and then place their remains in the meat grinder, and then after you have collected all three farmers and grinded their meat, place it all into the food barrel... wait... what? What did he want you to do? Let me try to explain this to you again. He wants you to grind up the farmers and put their grinded meat into the food barrel (what's so hard about that).

So, you want your URT legs, right? So get moving to the dazed farmers (they will be marked on your map) and pick one of the dazed farmers to slaughter... I mean cure. Right click the bag of dust that is in your inventory and notice how the Dazed Farmer will follow you anywhere you go (except water, for some reason they don't like to go into water). Bring one at a time back to the Mill (which is also located on your map) and bring them inside the second floor of it. This is where your Sweeny Todd moments will take place. Each time you bring a farmer back to the mill you will need to slaughter him into meat and bone, and pick up the four pieces that he produces. Then you will need to go to the grinder and right click the grinder to process the meat.

After doing this three times, right click the grinder again to pick up your meat and then go to one of the food barrels (the one that highlights when you mouse over it) and right click it to place the meat into the barrel. Voila! You have now saved the day! Head back to Threntin who will graciously hand you the pair of URT Legs in exchange for your involvement as well as your silence!

Reward: Cloth Pants of the United Races, Chain Greaves of the United Races, Scale Greaves of the United Races, Plate Greaves of the United Races

URT: Feeding Frenzy (Shoulders)


Quest: URT Hero Mission: Feeding Frenzy

This quest for the shoulders begins in Kaon's Rush, and in fact you can take a riftway right to this location (if you were following the previous steps, you can take the Silverlake Riftway to Kaon's Rush). When you get there, you will be in Arlinora's Retreat. Here is where you will need to find an elf by the name of Enorian Farsinor. She will offer up a URT quest called Feeding Frenzy. Accept that quest and hail her again, and she will have a new quest for you.

Redcap Love

Quest: Fight Them With Food

Enorian Farsinor will be glad you came. It seems that the redcaps in the area have been waging war upon the people of Leth Nurae. The URT believes the redcaps are only fighting because they do not have the resources to properly feed their own people. To that end, she would like you to take a barrel of meat and empty it out in the center of the redcap stronghold, so that we may bring an end to the conflict and strife.

So after receiving the barrel of meat, you will also notice that a mark has been placed on your map, one chunk to the north. So Mount up (ground or air!) and make your way north to the stronghold. When you get there, you may need to kill your way in to approximately the center area, then you will need to right click the barrel of meat. You will know that you have accomplished your goal by the huge stack of meat that you just placed on the ground. Make your way back to Enorian to tell her of your sucessful journey.

Mushroom Delight

Quest: Replenishing Supplies

With all the food URT has been sending to the redcaps, the food supplies of the URT are dwindling. They don't even have enough food to feed the people of URT itself. Therefore, if you could go to the various small fairy encampments east of the river in Kaon's Rush, you will find some mushrooms that grow there. Bring back 12 so the URT can feed themselves until a better source of food can be found.

So with that you will need to run out of the retreat and over the little stream. Here you will find multiple little, sparkly stone/mushroom camps, inside of each there should be one mushroom that spawns. It will look like a clump of black mushrooms (TIP: there are many encampments all throughout the northeast side of the chunk. Find 3 or 4 that you like, and keep going back to them when the mushroom respawn).

Now that you have all 12 mushrooms, return to Enorian with the food, so she can feed her people!

The Redcap Meat

Quest: Well, That Didn't Work

Remember the food you brought the Redcaps? Well as it turns out the meat was in less than pristine condition, and now some of the redcaps are getting sick and dying! Well, guess it's time to cover up your tracks as Enorian would like you to go back to the Redcap Stronghold and kill all of them (that would be 30 of them) so that nobody will find out that the URT were involved!

So make your way back to the Redcap Stronghold (which is just one chunk north if you forgot already!) and start the slaughter. Each Redcap will be around level 15-16 2dot, and there will be a few different names in which you could pick up some nice items. Unfortunately if you kill fast, you may have to wait for respawn as there are only 23 redcaps up in the whole camp to kill.

After you have killed your 30 redcaps, head back to Enorian where she will be greatful that the URT was not exposed.

Rebuilding the Supplies

Quest: We Must Rebuild

Well it looks like those mushrooms that you gathered earlier are running out, but she thinks she has a more permanent solution this time. If you can gather 25 of the larger Mushroom Spores that grow to the southeast in the Kaon Phase Stone area she will be able to begin this food experiment.

So off you go to the Kaon Phase Stone area (mark is on your map) where you will find a large area with many fairy encampments enclosed into one. You will see many fairies and redcaps wandering around that will be level 17 2dot. Watch out! There are lots of mobs here that it is extremely easy to pull more than one mob if you are not careful.

The mushroom that you need will be the same dark black colour as the other ones, but this time, the mushrooms will be much larger in size. Now the problem comes with collecting 25 of these things. The problem is, that there are only 5 mushrooms that are up at one given time, making it that at the very least you will have to wait 5 respawns just to collect all the mushrooms you need. Now if there are other people trying to get these mushrooms as well, then you will need to wait a lot more than 5 respawns. So if you are not a patient person, this might be a little hard for you to get through. I would recommend killing all the fairies and redcaps while you wait, you will be surprised how much xp can be earned by just killing the mobs!

Well, when you do finish head back to Enorian who will be pleased to see you and the mushrooms, hand them in to begin her experiment.

Do You Know The Mushroom Man?

Quest: Abolishing Hunger

Upon returning with the mushrooms Enorian Farsinor will promptly begin to mix them together. It seems that while you were out collecting the mushrooms, some of her counterparts were busy creating a URT approved mushroom size enhancement chemical. For the first test of this chemical, she would like you to plant it where mushrooms already grow well. Head back to the Kaon Phase Stones, and sprinkle it on the ground near the large stone that's in the middle of all the fairy circles. Harvest whatever grows and bring it back to her.

So back to the Kaon Phase Stones (which are southeast if you already forgot) and fight your way to the middle of the fairy stones, near the large rock. Right click the URT Approved Enhanced Mushroom Spores to sprinkle it on the ground. Instantly you will see results as a mushroom does appear! Unfortunately it's not the kind of results Enorian was looking for, as what ends up growing is a large Mushroom Man that begins to attack you. Kill it and head back to Enorian with your story.

With the return of your news Enorian will be glad that nobody got hurt and deem that more testing needs to be done on other enhancing chemicals. She is glad for your help and offers you a URT certified armor piece for your shoulders.

Reward: Cloth Amice of the United Races, Chain Pauldrons of the United Races, Scale Pauldrons of the United Races, Plate Pauldrons of the United Races

URT: Ambassador's Daughter (Chest)


Quest: URT Hero Mission: The Ambassador's Daughter

This quest will bring you to the haunted area of Shoreline Ruins. The fastest way to get there would be to take the riftway to Misthaven's Crossing. From there you can take a griffin north one chunk. Immediately after you chunk you will notice a road below as well as a tower. On this road will be 4 URT people. The one that will offer you the Ambassador's Daughter quest will be called Marigold Chubb. She will inform you to talk to a URT representative by the name of Liniona Feradyl. Luckily for you, she is just down the road a little bit. Speak to her to aquire about the Ambassador's Daughter.

The Gypsy

Quest: Asking Around

Liniona Feradyl will greet you as you hail. As you heard from Marigold Chubb, one of the URT ambassador's has a daughter missing. Some say she ran away because she couldn't handle the pressures of a high profile lifestyle, but some say she was kidnapped. Regardless of why she is missing, the URT needs to get her back to the ambassador. Unfortunately Liniona has no idea where she might be, but there is a Vulmane who might know something. Travel to Jalsha's Rest and speak with Jalsha Sakahri. He is a gypsy, but he knows much of the local affairs in this area!

With that she sends you on your way to find this Jalsha Sakahri. To find him, just go south one chunk and follow the high mountains, past the spiders. Jalsha will initially not want to talk to you, but once you inform him that you were sent here by Liniona, he opens up.

Cat's Revenge

Quest: First Things First

Once you tell him that you were sent here by Liniona, he immediately assumes that you are here looking for the girl that all the guards have been talking about lately. You see, he's one of those guys that keeps his eyes and ears where most don't dare to. He can help you find this girl, but you'll need to do something for him first. Apparently there's some Vultrixs that have taken up residence to the north of here. They are the cause of his cat Sponchy's death. Collect 20 of their beaks and he'll help you.

So let's kill some Vultrixs (FOR SPONCHY!). Head north, to the location that was marked on your map. When you get there, you will see many a Vultrix in your line of sight. They will all be around level 19 2dot and look like a cross between a vulture and those guys from The Dark Crystal. Each beak has a chance to drop off of a mob for everyone on the quest, and the drop rate is pretty high. Kill them up, and collect your beaks. Head back to Jalsha for the turn-in.

Quest: The Trail Continues

Jalsha will keep his word and help you with your mission to find the girl. He has heard that she was headed to a spot her family used to vacation that is just north of here. It's an old fishing village called Sealake. These days Sealake has been overrun with spiders; so, for her safety, you'd better hope she did not go there! So if you really want to find her, take this information back to Liniona Feradyl, since she will know what to do next.

So head back to Liniona Feradyl in hope she knows what to do next.

The Cottage

Quest: Investigating the Scene

So you returned, but Liniona does not see the girl with you. Fortunately, after relaying the information about Sealake you got from Jalsha, she apologizes for jumping to conclusions. She asks you to travel to Sealake and search for her - or any evidence that may lead us in the right direction. Most likely, if she went to Sealake, she would have went to visit her family's old vacation home. She marks the location of the home on your map and sends you on your way.

The house will be located at the bottom of a large cliff, close to the shore. As a bard, I actually followed the path back to the Vultrixs and levitated myself down the cliff to the house, but there is a way around that you can go that may be a little safer for some. Whichever way you go there, get ready to be swarmed by Spiders, as the area has been infested with the level 19 2dot suckers.

Fight off the spiders and enter the house, you may notice a human skeleton located at the entrance of one of the doors. Don't be alarmed, pass the skeleton and find something that looks like a pile of rocks. Right click the rock pile and loot the Missing Girl Evidence. Take the locket back to Liniona for further instructions.

Building a Saw

Quest: Being Prepared

Upon the safe return of the locket, Liniona will surmise that since the locket has webs that are spun around it, the spiders likely wrapped the girl up in a cocoon and dragged her off to their nearby cave. Unfortunately Stormspider silk is incredibly strong and cannot be cut open by just anything. So before you go to the cave and rescue her, you may need some kind of utensil for the cocoon. Luckily for you, the fangs of the Stormspiders themselves cut through the cocoon like a hot knife through butter. Return to the house in Sealake and kill the spiders there until you have 20 Stormspider Fangs, then Liniona will make a saw for you to rescue the girl with.

So back you go to the spiders (a mark will be on your map, if you have very short term amnesia), this time with a reason to kill all the spiders in the neighborhood. Again, these guys are all level 19 2dot and are easy to pull single (with a few exceptions). The drop rate is fairly good, so you should have the 20 fangs in no time. When you do, head back to Liniona so she can make you that saw!

The Cocoon

Quest: Breaking Free

The Den of Vashat is a cave that is just to the north of Liniona's location. This is where the spiders reside, and this is where you will have the best luck to find the Ambassador's Daughter. Liniona completes the saw and hands it to you. She marks the location of the cave on your map and sends you on your way. Make your way to the cave and begin your search for the girl. You will know you are close to the cave by the many spiders that wait outside of the entrance for unsuspecting prey. The spiders will be of level 19 2dot, but inside the cave you may find some names that are 3dot (including Vashat herself!).

Make your way into the cave while opening up all the cocoons you find on the way. Don't get discouraged if you open up numorous cocoons that do not have the Ambassador's Daughter inside of them (there may just be some cool surprises if you do!). Eventually you will make it pretty deep into the cave where you will find a cocoon that, if you open, will contain the Ambassador's Daughter.

The Ambassador's Daughter will immediately start following you. She can keep up with anyone, even my crazy bard speed. She also cannot get attacked, so you are safe from her getting captured or killed. With that in mind, make your way back to Liniona, as I'm sure she will want to know who you have with you.

Upon safe return of the Ambassador's Daughter, Liniona will thank you appropriately on a job well done, as well as reward you with your choice of a URT approved Chest Piece.

Reward: Robe of the United Races, Chainmail of the United Races, Scalemail of the United Races, Breastplate of the United Races

URT: The Undead Answer (Weapon)


Quest:URT Hero Mission: The Undead Answer

By this point, you should have gotten all the URT armor pieces, this will unlock the URT weapons quest for you. If you have been following the order of my walkthrough, then you should already be in shoreline ruins. Go talk to Podo Goldcorn. He will give you the URT Hero Mission quest called The Undead Answer.

The Spirit

Quest: Inside Knowledge

He will inform you to talk to Twyndy Thadtran who will luckily be standing close by, just down the road a bit. Meet up with Twyndy and she will tell you about an infestation of Stormwynd Minions that crawl across the coastline. The URT has put in an order that they be removed. Interestingly enough, there was once a great Necromancer that lived nearby. The URT has belief that he may have something to do with the infestation. Travel to his old house and search it thoroughly for some sort of note that he may have left behind.

Twyndy Thadtran will mark the location of his house on your map and send you on your way. When you get there, you will notice some skeletons have infested his house. They will be level 19 2dot and you will need to clear some to gain access to his whole house. When you get in, you will notice a pile of books lying on the ground in one of the rooms. Interacting with the books will spawn the Spirit of Wenden right behind you!

Burn the Essences

Quest: Gathering the Ingredients

Don't worry, Spirit of Wenden will not attack you, he just wants to talk. So talk to him and find out that it was him who made all the minions spawn, but he feels that he made a mistake and would like to help. He just so happens to know a way to get rid of them. All you have to do is collect many Essences from 7 different kinds of his minions. After you have collected all the kinds, make your way to Stormwynd Beacon, and burn them in the light at the top.

Two marks will be made in your map, a mark to the Stormwynd Crypt and one for the Stormwynd Tower. At the Stormwynd Crypt you will find 3 different types of Minions: The Magus', the Acolytes, and the Boneslicers. At the Beacon you will find the Deckhands, the Mariners, the Zombies, and the Zealots. Go to each locations and kill all the mobs until you have the right amount of Essences. The mobs will all be around level 19-20 2dot, and luckily for you the droprate of these essences have been greatly improved from when the quest was first released! Each time you kill a mob, you have a great chance of getting an Intact Essence.

After you have all of your essences, make your way to the top of Stormwynd Beacon. Once you enter the top room with the light in it, your quest will update, and you will automatically throw the essences into the light. Unfortunately Lord Stormwynd has been using the URT all along. This did not get rid of the minions at all, but reanimated Lord Stormwynd himself!

Quest: Somehow Fooled

Lord Stormwynd talks into your mind and tells you to go back to Twyndy Thadtran and tell her what you have done! He's sure she will send you to try to defeat him, so he is anticipating destroying you when that happens.

Back from the Undead

Quest: Finishing the Job

So you return to Twyndy and explain to her what the URT have done. She turns to you and say that there is only one thing that must be done. You must destroy Lord Stormwynd. She guesses that you will find him in his crypt, no doubt, and sends you on your way to defeat him. Seems like Lord Stormwynd was right.

So a mark on your map will lead you directly to his underground crypt. When you get there you will notice two level 20 3dot mobs will be waiting at the entrance. This will be the beginning of your journey down into his crypt. There will be many mobs, all level 19-20 3dots, in your way from you and Lord Stormwynd.

Eventually you will make it to a large room, with mist covering the ground. At the back of this room you will find Lord Stormwynd (note: he will only be up if you have the quest). If you do not start attacking him within 5 minutes, he will despawn for 5 minutes before he reappears! Lord Stormwynd will be a level 21 3dot mob and be surrounded by 3 mobs. It is possible to pull him single, so think up some strategies to get him and kill away! Once he is dead, your quest will update.

Now return to Twyndy Thadtran with your heroic victory! She will be so relieved that Lord Stormwynd has been taken care of, and offers you a choice of 5 URT approved weapons! Take your pick, and be gratified that you have now completed the URT questlines.

Reward: Dagger of the United Races, Longsword of the United Races, Mace of the United Races, Staff of the United Races, Wand of the United Races


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