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Level: 53
Difficulty: 6
Race: Undead
Type: Boss
Location: Library Wing
Chunk: Ancient Port Warehouse

VAHSREN THE LIBRARIAN will spawn after you killed the Cartheon Bookkeeper and the Cartheon Lorekeeper. After he spawned, he will roam through the whole library.

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Energy drain on the targeted player (most likely the tank)
  • Greater Curse: Decrepit Lore: Critical Hit Chance: -50%.
  • Words of Rejection: Incoming Healing Effectiveness: 25%.
  • Overwhelm: Feign Death.


Best spot to engage would be in the room where you killed the Cartheon Lorekeeper.

He spawns two minions every 20% of his life (Archaic Primer & Ancient Codex, two books). The raid must focus DPS on these mobs one after the other before coming back to Vahsren.

When the adds are up, Vahsren has a large damage shield, everyone must stop attacking, even the tank. After the adds are dead, the damage shield must be tested (doesn't appear on his buf bar) before engaging again.

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