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Descendants of the seafaring Varansul, the Varanthari are master riders and infamous raiders. Their traditions of horse and rider have influenced their culture greatly, with horse lords leading raiders to plunder caravans and villages of the other races. In recent years the Varanthari have somewhat settled down in the coastal village of Lomshir, where they have recently welcomed a tribe of cat-like people known as the Kurashasa.

Starting Stats

  • Racial Attributes (Level 10+):
  • 10 attribute customization points each level.
  • +2 Constitution, +1 Strength and +1 Wisdom per level.
  • Allowed 4 points per attribute each level.

Additional Bonuses

  • Large Race: 2% bonus to mitigation
  • Crafting: +10 Problem Solving
  • Harvesting: +5 Quarrying

Primary Diplomacy Expression

  • Demand Diplomacy Demand Icon.png

Racial Ability

Starting area

It used to be Lomshir, but as one of the changes preparing the game to free to play transition, all of the races from Qalia are united on the same starting area.

Background on Varanthari

Greetings, rider.

Our families have ridden these plains for generations, making them our home and a place that is uniquely varanthari. In this time, we have learned to trust the spirit realms and to tolerate the strangers who appear out of thin air in our lands. The lands of Lomshir are the crossroads of the world.

Of late, many of these other-worldly visitors have come to make Telon their home. Among them, the kurashasa have seen fit to cross the outer planes and call Lomshir their newly adopted home. Remember always that these visitors, like the beasts of the wild, are beneath your notice. From the time we found ourselves marooned on Qalia, in the days of the first rider Ulric, we have adapted and come to accept whatever the gods send our way.

In adapating, we have dominion over all we see. The varanthari are the vanguard of all the races. You rider, rise above all who would bar your course. The plains are your domain, and there are few in Qalia that would dare to cross them because of it. But that doesn't stop everyone. Desperation brews a certain kind of courage in those thieves and outcasts of the Qaliathari who try their luck with us. Horse thieves earn a special form of justice among your people.

Additionally, there are other-worldly rift walkers wandering the coast that seem to be seeking more than refuge and their presence must be investigated. The seeping corruption filtering through the plains is cause for alarm and threatens the heart of the village, some believe there is a connection.

But against these threats our great strength is defense enough, for the varanthari are the first to see, first to conquer, and first to find our fortunes. You, the rider, surpass all who would bar your course. Wander. Be free, and let no man seek to chain you.