Vault of Heroes Dungeon

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Exterior map
Level 1 map
Caves map

This dungeon is located in Vault of Heroes and has a level range from 10-15.


Named Mobs


Speak to Hreldgor T'jelad in Tahean's Vengeance to start this quest series. He won't have a quest icon indicator but will have a conversation option when spoken to. Hear him out and after he tells his story he'll offer the first of the Slave Camp quests. Hreldgor is a Lesser Giant with an orange mohawk and is dressed in lime green clothing. You should find him relatively easy to pick out of the crowd. With that outfit he is possibly even visible from the next chunk over.

The Slave Camp Series

Though these quests do not take you into Vault of Heroes they are the start of the questline that ultimately leads to Vault of Heroes.

  • [8] Investigate the Broken Fang Slave Camp (Solo)
    • [8] Find Fedora (Solo)
      • [10] Keys to the Slaving Locks (Solo)
        • [10] Slay the Slavemaster (Solo)

The Orcbane Mine Series

This questline is only available after completing the Slave Camp series of quests. Likewise, these quests do not take you into Vault of Heroes but are part of the quest chain that leads to Vault of Heroes. Rather, these take you to the nearby prereq dungeon, Orcbane Mines.

  • [10] Find Mishka (Group)
    • [10] Initiate the Escape of the Slaves (Group)
      • [10] Collapse the Orcbane Mines (Group)

The Vault of Heroes Series

The Vault of Heroes at Last! You must have completed the Slave Camp series and the Orcbane Mine series to obtain these quests.

  • [12] Mail of the Father (Group)
    • [14] Jarl of Torsheim (Group)
      • [12] Gnoll Commander (Group)


Before The Orc Wars, the Lesser Giants built the Vault to house their dead heroes. Once the Orcs invaded, Halgar, the hero of the Varanjar, came to Rotham, the Lesser Giant King, and fought him to prove the worth of the Varanjar as allies. Impressed by his prowess, Rotham refrained from striking him down and the Lesser Giants accepted the Varanjar as allies. This part of the story is told as part of the quest series for Passage to Kortella.

Together the two races, joined soon after by the Vulmane, converted the Vault into a fortress, fortifying it and adding a foundry, Halgar's Hammer, which played an immense role in the war effort. Utilizing ore from the nearby Orcbane Mine, the weapons Halgar's Hammer provided were critical in the success of the three races in repelling the Orc invasion. After the war, the Lesser Giants and the Varanjar made a pact with the Vulmane to defend the Vault and Halgar's Hammer. This worked until the Bloodhowler Vulmane rebelled. The split severely reduced the Vault's defenses.

The nearby Broken Fang Clan of Gnolls took advantage of this weakness and invaded the Vault, taking control of it, the foundry and Orcbane Mine. Allying themselves with the Sons of Torsheim, a rebel group of Lesser Giants, the Broken Fang Clan holds the Vault, foundry and mine to this day and use it to back their growing slave trade.