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The savage and wolf-like Vulmane roamed Thestra in packs for thousands of years before establishing their city of Dahknarg in the southern highlands. They are all too familiar with war, having undergone constant skirmishes with the high elves to the west and the more feral tribes - who reject the new ways of the civilized vulmane. They are a proud and dignified people who commune with their ancestral spirits, fearing only the unseen forces lurking in the swamps to the south.

Starting Stats

  • Racial Attributes (Level 10+):
  • 10 attribute customization points each level
  • +2 Wisdom, +1 Strength, and +1 Dexterity per level
  • Allowed 4 points per attribute per level

Additional Bonuses

  • Animal Reflexes: 10% bonus to run speed
  • Crafting: +10 Problem Solving
  • Harvesting: +5 Skinning

Primary Diplomacy Expression

  • Demand

Racial Ability

Starting Area

It used to be Dahknarg, but as one of the changes preparing the game to free to play transition, all of the races from Thestra are united on the same starting area.

Background on Vulmane

Hail clansmen!

The Silvermane council of elders has called on you to begin your training in Spirit's Rest Outpost. Many dangers now face the vulmane and your help is needed to turn the tide. You will start slowly in Spirit's Rest, coming to terms with the spirit of the vulmane, their connection to nature, and the place of hunters in our newly formed society.

Though the Orc and Goblin War has come to a close, and we have consolidated the packs to become the Dahknarg clan, the other races have not been quick to accept our kind as civilized. The elves to the west in Leth Nurae are particularly slow to forgive and remain far too wary. Moreover, the succession of the Bloodhowler Pack and their now constant attacks has made the humans and dwarves to the west completely lose trust in us.

But be strong, vulmane!

We helped bring the last war to a close, and though the challenges ahead are great, they are not hopeless. Take up arms against the marauding Bloodhowlers and Broken Fang gnolls and join ranks with our true allies; the varanjar and the lesser giants.

Prove yourself and train quickly, for though the orcs have been pushed back, another war comes soon. A foul wind blows strongly from the west and corruption of the earthen spirit creeps from the swamps to the south.

Stand strong and we will prove to the world the true mettle of the vulmane!