Wailing Wind Asylum

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Wailing Wind Asylum.jpg

This dungeon is located in the Blighted Lands and has a level range from 10-13.


  • Mindless Raki 11x2
  • Elyinra Snofall 11x2
  • Wood Elf Snitch 12x2
  • Lagan 13x2
  • Letrin Nekonti The Mindbreaker 14x3 (Quest Mob)


  • [10] Asylum Corruption
    Given By: NPC Takuni
    • Recover 7 Recording Crystals
    • [10] Interrogate Mejo The Mad
      Given By: NPC Takuni
      • Interrogate Mejo
    • [11] Safety First
      Given By: NPC Mejo the Mad
      • Kill 12 Inmates
      • [12] Breaking the Mindbreaker (Small Group)
        Given By: NPC Mejo the Mad
        • Slay the Mindbreaker