What do those numbers mean?

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Card explanation

Ok, so you're presented with the following:

Wit In Crisis.JPG Card: Wit In Crisis
Seal: Green
Influence: 1
Cost: 2000
Expression to Opponent: 0000
Expression to Player: 0500
Refresh Timer: 3-4

But really. What does it all mean?

It's a shorthand code that people working the diplomatic line in Beta came up with.

The name and seal are pretty self-evident so I'll leave those alone.

Influence is how far the Parley Indicator on the board will move. If it's a positive number the marker will move towards the person playing the card, and if it's negative, the number will move away.

Cost, Expression to opponent, and Expression to player all use the same numbers. So the cost means 2 demand, 0 Reason, 0 Inspire, 0 Flatter. Then the opponent gets no expression out of the deal, and you get 5 reason out of the deal.

If you take a look at a card like:

Well Traveled Wisdom.jpg Card: Well-Traveled Wisdom
Seal: Green
Influence: -2
Cost: 0000
Expression to Opponent: -2-2-2-2
Expression to Player: 0000
Refresh Timer: 4-8

... you'll see that the Parley Indicator will move 2 spaces away from you on the board, but that you'll take away 2 of everything your opponent has. Useful if he is building up to nuke you.

Refresh timer is the last information on the card. This is the number of turns you'll either have to play another card, or Listen, until you can play this card again. If a card has a timer of 1-1 then you will have to play 1 card and your opponent will have the chance to play 2 cards before you can play that card again. So the 4-8 refresh on Well-Traveled Wisdom means that you need to play/listen for a minumum of 4 turns and a maximum of 8, allowing your opponent to play 5-9 cards before you can play it again.

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