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Wood elven society demands perfection, and so this graceful, austere race delivers it. They were drawn to the woods of Kojan centuries ago, and there they have developed a culture that is entirely their own. Young wood elves are driven to success, and they advance through the ranks of Ca'ial Brael's hierarchy by the merit of their deeds.

They protect their forest and all its flora and fauna fiercely, and carry with them a profound distrust of outsiders. Wood elves prefer not to become involved in external politics, and instead, focus on preserving their own space.

Recent events have forced the wood elves to accede to sending ranks of their adventurers out into the world. Enough threats have mounted that even this reclusive race can no longer ignore what is going on around them.

Starting Stats

Racial Ability

Starting area

It used to be Ca'ial Brael, but as one of the changes preparing the game to free to play transition, all of the races from Kojan are united on the same starting area.

Background on Wood Elves

May you walk in the protection of the Glade.

Congratulations, you have been deemed worthy of specialized training.

Should you move forward to prove yourself through your deeds, you will achieve the respect and admiration of all our people. Should you fail to excel, however, know that you will be looked upon with shame by all.

In a moment, you will find yourself transported to Whitefawn Retreat, where your training will begin. You have been assigned to join in our external efforts. While the official position of Ca'ial Brael is to abstain from the conflicts of our neighbors, the council of Wardens has acceded to sending our adventurers to travel forth and join in the many battles of Telon. The dreadful spirit fiends, the ulvari, bear down on this island from all sides. Though Ca'ial Brael is currently shielded from their incursions by the bond we share with our stalwart companions; the raki, we are not so naive as to believe we will be safe forever.

While you should keep the presence of the ulvari in your mind, an even more immediate threat awaits your capable attention. The vaelwyn witches have been spreading their corruption throughout our forest. Stop the spread of their influence and purge them from our realm.

This will be your first test. Do not disappoint. Trust in the Great Spirit Jin, live to preserve the Glade, and you will surely triumph.