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This dungeon is located on the island in Mind's Crown and has a level range from 45-50.

Someone in your group needs the Xenn Key to get you inside. The Xenn key is a quest chain from the Gnomes on the shore of Dragon's Backbone. You can find the quest details here

Also you can't get summoned into the dungeon, since the entrance is located in Mind's Crown, but the dungeon itself is located in Stranglewater Shore.



  • Deactivating the Shield - Level 40
  • Ages Hence - Level 42
    given by Sentinent Custodian
    • Useful Informaton - Level 42
      given by Sentinent Custodian
      • Power Up - Level 44
        given by Xennu Information Construct
      • Xenarias Power Missile - Level 44
        given by Xennu Information Construct
      • Xeneraxs Infuriator - Level 44
        given by Xennu Information Construct
      • Xenlars Firebomb - Level 44
        given by Xennu Information Construct
        • Challenging the All-Father - Level 45
          given by Sentinent Custodian
          • Xennumet powered down
          • All-Father defeated


As part of the questline to obtain the key for the dungeon, a revived golem named Animus, tells you about the history of the Xennu Empire.


Each of the 3 rooms with the triggered named, have 4 triggers around them. You have to either break, switch, or kill something at each of them to proceed in making the Named Attackable.

In the room with the air lift, the detonators are on the platform up top, you unlock the orbs that contain them with the 4 triggers. Once you have the detonators, you then place them in the 4 blue glowing holes around the named.

Killing the Named will drop the memory crystal you need for the 3 quests to upgrade your mech suit.

One of the rooms was bugged when we went there, so could not complete the triggers, a GM can reset this for you, or server restart.

When you enter the zone, talk to the quest giver on the platform with you. After you listen to his story all the way through, he will reward you with a quest and 250,000 xp (@ lvl44). you will then also receive a right clicky in your bag, Click this and an apparition will spawn, talk to the apparition to receive the other quest.

After each of the named rooms you can re summon the apparition to complete the quest right there. Completing the quests will give you abilities you will need later on when in your mech suit.

You will be able to play in your suit when you get to Xennumet B.

... for more infos click here (thanks to Illusive)