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|Location=[[Lower Basement (APW)]], just before [[KOTASOTH]]'s cave.
|Location=[[Basement Wing (APW)|Lower Basement]], just before [[KOTASOTH]]'s cave.
|Chunk=[[Ancient Port Warehouse]]
|Chunk=[[Ancient Port Warehouse]]

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Level: 53
Difficulty: 6 dots
Race: Eyelord
Location: Lower Basement, just before KOTASOTH's cave.
Chunk: Ancient Port Warehouse
ZAYGIUS after cleaning the eyelords.jpg

Known drops

Known abilities

  • ???: Summons orbs ?? which will mana drain the raid.
  • Adamant Curse: Stonegaze: Frontal Cone curse that petrifies the tank (Average 4500 dmg/hit).
  • Barb Swipe: Frontal (?) which lifedrains for an average of 2200 dmg/hit
  • Curse of the Featherless Wing: Prevents you from any form of levitation, save the Death March from the Necromancer.
  • Deadly Gloom: AoE for an average of 1700 dmg/hit
  • Fang Leech: Frontal (?) which lifedrains for an average 700 dmg/hit
  • Major Stance: Regenerating Focus: Regeneration.
  • Spell Hater: Deals 0 damage every 5 seconds. Spelle Range: -40%. Spell refresh timer: +10%.
  • Strike: Lifedrain for an average of 7200 dmg/hit
  • Tentacle Rush: Average 1100 dmg/hit


The fight consists of the tank attacking from 180 degrees from initial approach to mob, he gets agro and the raid moves behind the mob at a 5 meters distance.

A small AoE damage from Zaygius does more damage the farther you are from him.

Positioning main tank at 12:00, Off Tanks are positioned at 3:00 and the rest of the raid is positioned at 6:00, 5 meters from Zaygius.

Zaygius cast a Cone shaped frontal curse that petrifies. Set a designated de-curser to remove them, preferably a necromancer (instant-cast).

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