Zossyr Hakrel Dungeon

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Zossyr Hakrel Dungeon.gif

The Zossyr Hakrel Dungeon is located in the chunk Zossyr Hakrel and has a level range from 30-35.

A full group Dungeon with mobs ranging from 32x4 -34x5.


It may take some grinding and ph-killing to get the named to spawn.

  • a Bolthu 34x2
  • b Folsarun 34x4
  • c Thurre 34x5
  • d Rejuvenaters (quest mob)


Shrine of Elders

All of these require you to finish a previous quest from the quest NPC.

  • [32] The Gold Arm of Water
    Given by: NPC Nirrin
    • Kill 48 Terranths Incarnates
    • Kill a Chosen of Veleri (I killed the 5 dot named... a 4 dot may work)
  • [32] The Silver Arm of Sleep
    Given by: NPC Rutar
    • Kill 6 Zossyrian Rejuvenators (far and few found some at d on the map)
    • Kill 12 Zossyrian Conjurers
  • [31] The White Arm of Knowledge
    Given by: NPC Thaju
    • Collect 6 Tablets of Knowledge (All in the NE wing)